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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Los Tucanes de Tijuana perform a concert accompanied by a sign language interpreter

Los Tucanes de Tijuana surprised all their fans after surprising with an act of inclusion during one of their live performances in the United States. The Mexican band invited a sign language interpreter on stage.

The renowned musicians performed at the Grand Island City Fair in Nebraska, United States and it was there that they decided to invite a sign interpreter so that deaf and dumb people could also enjoy their spectacular concert.

“Wow!!, our first live show with sign language translators, especially for our beloved deaf audience”wrote the interpreters of the chona on their social networks.

In the video shared on his Instagram account the sign language translator can be seen performing the iconic song The toucan.

In another video posted on social networks you can also see how the band interprets the sexy girl Y the sign language expert does her thing on stage wearing a few earphones and a tablet electronics.

It is the first time that the band led by Mario Quintero performs this action but without a doubt it was well received by all its audience and applauded on social networks by its followers.

“This is called inclusion”, “How beautiful, I love this all included, everyone enjoys”, “That is inclusion!”, “They continue to surprise us, that’s why they continue to be the parents of the chicks”, users wrote in the comments.


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