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Los Tigres del Norte on presentation in Zócalo: “we are going to give ourselves completely”

The Northern Tigers declare themselves ready to roar at the next ceremony of ‘El Grito’ of independence in the Zócalo Capitalino. The Hermanos Hernández group was invited by the President of the Republic Andrés Manuel López Obrador to offer a massive concert.

“It will be the first time that we present ourselves on the mere day of independence in the zócalo. We have already performed in Dolores Hidalgo, in California (United States), there we have celebrated ‘El Grito’, but now we will be in the very heart of our Mexico, it will be an unforgettable experience”, Hernán Hernández pointed out.

The performers known as “The bosses of bosses” are in the middle of their international tour “La Reunion Tour”, which they will present with the great production they perform in each of their presentations.

When questioning the duration of the event, Los Tigres did not hesitate to honor one of their nicknames “The Tireless”, same that was won after the marathon concerts that have been offered in the city of Monterrey, shows that last for more than 12 hours and end when the sun’s rays illuminate the entire sky.

“We had a lot of not doing a mass of this kind. In recent years we had had to present ourselves in Los Angeles, California to give ‘El Grito’ and now it is a massive one with our people, we are going to give ourselves completely to all our audience with whom we want to meet again, it will be quite a party”, he says Louis Hernandez. “What, if we can assure you that it will be a long show, Monterrey style, because we want to wake up in the Zócalo,” continued Hernán.

The Zócalo is a venue that the Tigres know perfectly well, since they appeared at the end of the 90s. On that occasion they managed to obtain the record for the presentation with the largest number of attendees, the same event that was televised live.

“ANDAt work, every day we are always thinking about how to innovate, what we will do, how we are going to do it, record songs that the public likes, the songs are directly taken from the problems of the whole society, that is why I think we are here in forceJorge Hernandez said.

The group is made up of Jorge Hernández, on accordion and vocals; Hernán Hernández, on electric bass and second voice; Eduardo Hernández, who plays different instruments, such as accordion, sixth bass, saxophone, in addition to singing; Luis Hernández, on sixth bass and voice, and Óscar Lara, on drums, answered which of all the nicknames they have been given throughout their 50-year career is their favorite, “Los incansables” or “Los Jefes of bosses”?

Eduardo Hernández recalled that he likes the name of the ‘Incansables’ better since it came from the Expo in Monterrey, because “dand made an album we gave it the title of Incansables because here in Monterrey they baptized us with that name”.

However, Luis Hernández said that he likes more Boss of Bossesbecause it is also an emblematic album for his career because it is full of pure corridos and experiences of the people, in addition to winning awards, and “in reality the song is a tribute to all the bosses of bosses in any field”, he highlighted.

When having a presentation, the Northern Tigers revealed that some get nervous, anxious and others are calmer. Besides that they have signs like looking at each other on stage to communicate with each other.

There are always nerves, anxiety to go on stage to know how the public is, there are some who get more anxious than others, and others more calmLuis Hernandez said.


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