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Los Tigres del Norte, excited for their concert in the Zócalo: “we wake up”

The Northern Tigers will make the whole country dance and sing this September 15 with a special concert that they will offer in the Zócalo of Mexico City as part of the celebrations for Independence Day. Exclusively for MILLENNIUM Televisionthe members of the band talked about how excited they are to be able to join the festivities.

The band pointed out what it means for them to be at the forefront of the commemoration of such an important date, especially after two years of having to celebrate from a distance due to the covid-19 pandemic.

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“We are very excited because we are going to be giving the Cry of Independence on the 15th. It is the first time that we are going to play in Mexico City (CdMx) on the very day because we have been, for example, in Dolores, Hidalgo, we were there a few years ago, we have also been in Los Angeles as part of the Grito and now here in Mexico City, Well, we are very excited because it is in the very heart of Mexico to give the Shout. I think this is going to be an unforgettable experience for us”, Hernán Hernández.

What songs will Los Tigres del Norte play in the Zócalo

the black door, Boss of Bosses, We are not even relatives, blows in the heart either we are more american, are some of the songs that the band will perform this Thursday. They also invited their fans to prepare a list of their favorite songs so that they can make their requests that day.

They pointed out that they had not performed in front of an audience of such magnitude for a long time, so they are eager to share their music on a stage like the Zócalo.

“Normally in recent years we were also playing in the United States, in Los Angeles, California, we had been screaming. Now it is with our people in a massive, we hope that the public meets and above all have fun. It goes to be a popular, traditional Mexican festival and that’s how we want to celebrate it”.

Likewise, Jorge Hernández – who plays the accordion in the band – pointed out that they are very happy that the show is completely live: “We are almost ready to go there this coming September 15. We will be there live and in full color.”

They pointed out that they still do not know the official schedule of their concert, but they promised an extensive show: “We assure you that it will be very long, that is, we are going to play Monterrey style, so we wake up.”

The documentary of Los Tigres del Norte

Regarding the documentary they recorded for Amazon Prime, Jorge Hernández pointed out that the production allowed them to narrate some details of the beginnings of the group. He announced that they are preparing more material, since they still have a lot to tell.

“We are going to make more chapters of all this to give more information about everything that Los Tigres del Norte have done through a career as long as this one,” he said.

Hernán Hernández added that recording the documentary was a pleasant experience because they were able to recall some of the passages that marked his career.

“Having remembered when we were narrating the story of our beginnings, well, it has been an experience. Remembering that was like living again, me in particular, I started very young, about 8 years old to sing with Jorge”.


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