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Los Dos Carnales release their new album “Corridos for the brave”

At a press conference held on Tuesday afternoon at the Centennial Coliseum, Los Dos Carnales, accompanied by their musicians and Jorge Mata, venue manager, announced the release of their new album, which will be titled “Corridos para braves”.

“East new album is officially released on September 16 on all digital platforms and is made up of 11 songs, nine covers of songs made famous by Los Invasores de Nuevo León, Cadetes de Linares, Carlos and José, as well as two unreleased ones, entitled ‘La Siembra’ and ‘De la Region I come,'” said Poncho Quezada.

“Don’t leave them in oblivion”: they compose a corrido to remember miners trapped in Coahuila

That said, they presented to the media present the video of the theme “La Siembra”who applauded the work so well done.

They detailed that both the theme “La propina”, as well as other successes, had a surprising response, so they hope that the next ones will have the same fate.

“We also want to invite you to attend this September 24 here at the Colosseumwhere we will have a presentation in which we will be accompanied by greats of norteño music such as Lalo Mora, The Linares Cadets and Eliseo RoblesWe are very proud that they accompany us, because the truth is that they have been a school for us,” he explained.

When asked if they had not received a proposal to work on a telenovela, movie, or series, Poncho confessed that with Netflix they had a collaboration and with Azteca they are planning a project regarding the issue of Liga MX.

“We are very happy because we have always fought for our dreams, and also surprised to reach high levels, we did not measure the place where we are, we have been to Guatemala, Colombia, soon we will go to Chile and Hondurasthe truth always united to our family”, detailed the Quezada brothers.

After winning several important awards, including the Latin Grammy 2021 for Best Norteño AlbumThey assured that they have many plans to fulfill.

“In La Laguna, in San Pedro, there is a lot of talent, we always had the dream, that little thorn of going far, being here is a great blessing,” said Poncho.

“Never forget the roots”

By asking them for a advice for children, that like them they started at an early age and have the desire to become recognized artists, answered Imanol.

“I tell them to give it a lot of desire, don’t stop for anything, you have to be insistent, don’t be afraid, believe a lot in God and above all, you always have to show respect, don’t forget it, but to give it a try, yes can,” he acknowledged.

There are people that They have been criticized and cataloged as believed, Poncho said about it.

“They go with the feint, that because I wear dark glasses, what do you have, I can put them on right now and nothing happens, it’s a personal taste, without offending anyone, the truth is, it’s part of history, we have learned to live with criticism,” he reported.

Recently the Quezada brothers gave accordions to the Kindergarten where they studiedwere filled with pride when they said that their children study in that same preschool, who have also liked learning music, so without a doubt they could follow in their footsteps.

“All musical genres are good and we are happy that our children are liking this musical environment, the important thing of all is to make music,” he said.

The singers described themselves as a family group, where there is a lot of unity, a good work environment with their team that supports them, musicians and family.

“Here we all get along very well, the musicians with our whole family, we call each other nicknames, here are childhood friends working with usnever forget the roots”, said the musicians.

Finally, they thanked the media and the general public for the support they have received in their musical career.

“Thanks for everything, don’t forget to listen to our new album on YouTube, Spotify, on all platforms, On September 24 we are waiting for you here at the Coliseum, we are going to have a great time”.


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