Los Angeles Azules tried to break Cumbia’s rhythm record

MEXICO.-Los Angeles Azules has stood out to break the barriers of musical genres, which is why they have been invited to perform a dynamic performance to set a record, but to make the people of Mexico all at over.

Los Angeles Azules in collaboration with Jose Cuvero Originally given last year, when the brand invited him Create the theme “Fairy that unites us”, Which was well accepted by the Izatpal group among the public.

“We have called this project “La Cumbia Centenario”, We have met again with our friends Blue angels, To produce an experience that we think will change what has been done during the epidemic, at least during the epidemic.

“It’s about generating The largest Kambia chain that ever existed; There is no Guinness record for a cumbia and even less for making a series “added manual

What is dynamics

The participants They have to make a routine Dance, sing, play games, etc., with this cumbia Must record on video And upload it to social networks “Hashtag” “#cumbiacentenario”, Because through this, the pieces they show, they will be made Part of this dance chain and record It wants to establish.

Participants can be Upload your videos from 6 May to 20 June, So that the Blue Angels themselves decide the winners.

On Possibility to do live event With Los Angeles Angels, Manuel Coulomb explained that he has many initiatives on hold, as they are guided by the color of the traffic lights, so they will wait for the conditions to improve the face a little more. Risk-without-face phenomena.

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