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Lorena Herrera does not know tiktoker in MasterChef: “I do not know Pablo Chagra”

Two weeks ago one of the favorite programs returned to television of the Mexican audience, Master Chef Celebritywith 20 celebrities who week after week will face the greatest culinary challenge of their lives, highlighting figures such as Talina Fernández, Margarita ‘The Goddess of Cumbia’, Lorena Herrera and Arturo López Gavito.

So far the eliminated celebrities have been: Verónica del Castillo and Ernesto D’Alessio. As expected, the memes have not been long in coming; however, when the same participants take part in an uncomfortable moment, they multiply.

Lorena Herrera does not know the guest of MasterChef

It was during the program last Sunday, August 29, that various entertainment journalists attended the reality show as special guests; Jimena Pérez ‘La Choco’, Álex Kaffie, Ricardo Manjarrez, Pablo Chagra and Gerardo Escareño, were in charge of leading the contestants.

Each became a captainso Tatiana, host of the project, asked the guests to select the members with whom they wanted to cook.

Álex Kaffie chose Talina Fernández as the first element; however, she was Paul Chagra along with Lorena Herrera who became the subject of an awkward moment and multiple memes. When questioned, Pablo did not mention the name of any celebrityinstead he performed a few verses of the song ‘Flash’ by Lorraine Herrera, thus showing his fanaticism.

before this Lorena reacted happily and continued the lyrics while walking towards his captain, however, it took a few seconds for the program’s edition to insert a clip where Lorena confessed to not knowing the identity of the influencer in its entirety who chose her as part of his team.

“I don’t know Pablo Chagra,” commented Lorena.

After this, the digital entertainment reporter became a meme objector, although he himself took the situation with humor and shared the clip on his social networks.


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