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Long ovation for Arcelia Ramirez

Long ovation for Arcelia Ramirez

“La Civil” talks about the violence in our country

“La Civil”, a film inspired by the case of a Mexican mother who saw her daughter disappear as well as hundreds of other victims who are subjected to the harassment and abuse of the lives of their loved ones every day, featured in the Chamber Debut I went. French Festival Cannes 2021.

This debut feature from director Teodora Mihai is set in northern Mexico and is masterfully performed by Arcelia Ramírez and lvaro Guerrero.

In “La Civil”, a mother (Arcelia Ramírez) tirelessly searches for clues that will lead her to the whereabouts of her daughter who was kidnapped by members of a cartel.

Heartbreaking and painfully present, ‘La Civil’ sheds light on the feminism, corruption and powerlessness that exist in Mexican society.

After 140 minutes in which Mihai elaborates on Cielo’s ordeal in search of his daughter Laura, the applause did not stop in a long and heartfelt welcome lasting eight minutes and it brought the director and the actors to tears.

Arcelia Ramírez said with a broken voice, “It is very important to be here and this issue is seen in the world, that it is talked about, that it is shown constantly.” It was the first time both she and her co-star lvaro had seen the film.

lvaro plays an absent father who finds it difficult to connect with his daughter Laura, but who slowly assimilates the drama of his loss.

“It’s a topic that inspires me and touches me deeply. There’s so much to do… hopefully it’s a small way to help,” he said, moved through tears. .

goes to two awards

“La Civil” is up for two awards: one at Cannes for the most important parallel segment called Una Sierta Mirada, in which directors like Michel Franco furthered their careers by winning the trophy, a co-star this year. Producer of this film. And that camera d’or for directors who make their debut at Cannes.

According to the first reaction from the international film industry, “‘La Civil’ is an important, powerful, essential film,” said Spanish producer Marion Matachana.

For Kleber Götz, a German critic, “there are many films about this issue and the problem of kidnapping and drug trafficking in Mexico, but this film has some very important, very intense, look at the occupants who have their lives.” It is near to settle for the bones of those who do not know whether they really belong to their loved ones, to say goodbye to a tragedy that Mexico is experiencing and which still cannot be measured.

return after a stroke

French actress Catherine Deneuve, on the other hand, made a great public comeback yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival after a year that required her to be hospitalized.

The 77-year-old interpreter walked the red carpet as the star of “De Son Vivant”, a play by Frenchman Emmanuel Bercot whose premiere was out of competition, filming of which was interrupted for months by the incident .

“I’m great,” he said upon arrival at the Palace of Festivals, pointing to his official television channel, adding that he was excited that theaters had reopened in France and that the competition was canceled last year because of the pandemic Yes, it was celebrated.

With her hair down, a black dress and a large golden chain around her neck, Catherine arrived with the rest of the protagonists, including Cecil de France and Benoनोt Magimel.

The actress, received with an ovation in the screening room, is a regular at Cannes, which she attended for the first time in 1964 with Jacques Demi’s “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, which won the Palme d’Or.

“Tristana” (1970) by Luis Buuel; “Un conte de nol” (2008), by Arnaud Desplechin, or “L’homme quon em trope” (2014), by André Techin, are some of the films he presented in or out of competition.

“For me Deneuve represents France. She is one of the best actresses in the world and one of the freest, bravest and funniest women to ever have,” said singer and former French First Lady Carla Bruni.

“De Son Vivant” took part in a grand screening yesterday, as usual, by a team of other films in competition or in its parallel and independent sections, at the Directors’ Fortnight and Critics’ Week.

Frenchman Marion Cotillard, who opened Cannes last Tuesday with “Annette” by Léos Carreaux, as producer of the documentary “Big Than Us” within special sessions and with a focus on the new generation of activists against climate change Flash monopoly. or other reasons.

one more star

Adele Exarchopoulos, who puts herself in the shoes of a hostess in “Rien a Fautre” by Emmanuel Mare and Julie Lacostre, who was chosen by Weeks, was another hero of yesterday, as was Spanish actress Paz Vega.

The new Cannes premiere segment also featured French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis, the star of “Sete musique ne ju pe person” directed by her husband, Samuel Benchetrit and out of competition.

The same film also stars Carla’s sister Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, who is at Cannes twice this year, also selecting the Palme d’Or for “La Fracture” by Catherine Corsini.

positive for covid

French actress Leia Seydoux, who has four films in Cannes, tested positive for the coronavirus, which could lead to the cancellation of her trip to the event, while the festival’s general representative, Thierry Frémoux, said yesterday that the rumors were unfounded. Huh. in the competition.

Frémaux said this ahead of the start of the screenings yesterday, while the festival’s president, Pierre Lescure, also indicated on his official Twitter account that all those arriving at the Palace of Festivals were tested for more than 2,500, only three positive.

Two final Wednesdays and one final Thursday, says LeScure’s message, which recalls that all unaffiliated borrowers must pass a test every 48 hours.

This is how Lescure and Fremoux reacted after the publication of Lee’s positive in the magazine “Variety”.

According to “Variety”, the interpreter (Paris, 1985) has a complete vaccination schedule.

The French newspaper “Le Figaro” said that he was infected during the filming of the film “Par un Beau Matin” by French director Mia-Hansen Love.

After French actress Leia Sedoux tested positive for COVID-19, she is being tested daily and is waiting for her negative test for two consecutive days to travel.

The American magazine “Variety” said “the interpreter is asymptomatic and has been quarantined at his home in Paris for a week.”

Lee presents in 74th place. the Cannes Film Festival edition, culminating in “The French Dispatch” by Wes Anderson on July 17; “France”, by Bruno Dumont, and “The Story of My Wife”, by Ildico Enedi, are all in search of the Palme d’Or. In addition, the non-competitive section participates with the Cannes premiere “Trompie”, by Arnaud Desplechin – L’Universal and Efe.