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Lolita Cortés shared an unpublished photograph with her husband: “30 years together”

Lolita Cortés has two children as a result of her relationship with Sergio Romo Jr. (Capture: Hoy Program)
Lolita Cortés has two children as a result of her relationship with Sergio Romo Jr. (Capture: Hoy Program)

During the last few months, Lolita Cortés has positioned herself among the main trends in social networks due to her controversial comments on The academy. just remember his strong clashes with Alexander Acha for the performance of the teachers within the reality show, as well as his gestures that stole attention during the stellar presentation of Chiquis Rivera or her constant compliments towards Andrés -an academic from Sonora-, with whom she was romantically linked.

However, although he has been characterized by being very transparent in front of the cameras, he has also tried to protect his personal life from scandal. For that reason, very little is known about her children or her partner, whom she recently confirmed that she is married to. Is about Elías Ajit, a renowned choreographer, dancer, singer and actor which has around 36 years of experience within the national artistic environment.

On this occasion and like never before, the iron judge He went to his official account. Instagram to share an unpublished photograph where he posed with his partner on the occasion of his 30th anniversary. The interpreter did not specify the origin of the celebration, so it could be the anniversary of the beginning of their friendship, their courtship or their marriage.

“30 years… together! I love you,” she wrote.

As expected, his post resonated on social networks because he does not usually upload images about his personal life or his daily work. It only took a few minutes for her publication to exceed 7,000 likes and the comments section was filled with hundreds of messages of love and compliments for the happy couple.

I love you, admire you and respect you infinitely”, replied Elijah Ajit.

“Congratulations Lolita and may there be many more. So on, go on and on, because if there is something good in life, you have to maintain it and cultivate it.” “One of the most powerful dancers this planet could have given!! Long live love.” “You look better with Gavito”. “Congratulations, may they always be together.” “And Gavit?” “I wish you a long life together full of love and fun and musical works.s”, wrote his followers.

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