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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Lolita Cortés reveals that she asked to be director of ‘La Academia’ during negotiations with TV Azteca

Lolita Cortés has been characterized over the years by her harsh, sincere and objective criticism of students. of ‘The academy’. Thanks to her extensive career and trajectory in musical theater, Cortés has had the opportunity not only to be part of the critics panel, but also of the project management.

The above allows you to know the two sides of the coin within reality and know how the production is developed both for the school and for the concerts.

During an interview for Azteca Digital, Lolita Cortés revealed to the audience that he requested TV Azteca during your contract negotiations to be the director of the current generation commemorative of ‘The academy’.

Lolita Cortés negotiated to be director of ‘La Academia’

According to Lolita, when the rumors about the reality show’s 20th anniversary began in the different media, she disassociated herself from any type of participation; however, one day the formal request came from the production of the program to be part of it. Given this, she she asked her neuro for her opinion and it was she who recommended Lola to accept the invitation to eat to listen to the proposal.

“We arrive at the restaurant, they make the proposal, we leave there and we go with the square eye”.

The above happened in November 2021 and although it was attractive, Lolita decided to decline the offerHowever, in February 2022, TV Azteca made the invitation account again. Lolita shared with Televisa the denial that the Ajusco television station offered her and since there was no project for her, they gave her the facilities to leave.

Lolita shared in an interview for the space program for the 20 years that it was not until March 19 that he officially accepted to be part of the critics panel of ‘The academy’thus marking his return to the project and the television station, although he did not provide more details of how his contract was.

After almost three months of transmissions and after complicated concerts where denounced the terrible work of teachers and the directorlast Thursday during an interview for Azteca Digital, Lolita Cortés expressed that during the negotiation, she She asked to be the director of the project, a request that was flatly denied.

“When the proposal came I did not want to accept because I had many things carrying on me.”

I prefer to be a director, give me a chance and go as director”, she commented.

After the refusal she He agreed to be part of the reality show but promised to be demanding not only with the participants, but with whoever occupied the chair from the director; she played this role for generations 7 and 8 and according to the musical theater actress and singer, it was a headache for each of her producers due to how demanding she was even with them, all in order to give concerts quality.


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