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Lolita Cortés reacts to a video of Gabriel Soto singing; “we believe that anyone can get on stage”

A few years ago Gabriel Soto attended the morning show Today to interpret the song Everything reminds me of you, doing something that he was not so used to doing: singing live, since all his previous presentations had used playback.

This became one of the most iconic moments of the program and Internet users began to viralize this presentation until it reached the eyes and ears of Lolita Cortés, one of the strongest critics in the medium.

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Also a judge of The academy, She was a guest on the podcast Velvetine and it was there that Lolita was able to react to this bitter episode of Gabriel Soto and of course, the reaction gave a lot to talk about. Watching the video, Lolita kept gesturing and getting more and more impressed.

“It’s a shame we think a couple of highlights in your hair, bleaching your hair and a stupid tan make talent. With the talent you are born, that in the sense of art we are so mediocre because we believe that anyone can get on stage “began to criticize Lolita.

True to form, Cortés lashed out at the actor and asked viewers to stop looking at “mediocre artists.”

Let’s put mediocrity aside and let us become artists like the great authors, like kings, like Don José Alfredo Jiménez; like our last king, Vicente Fernández; like a great singer, whether they like it or not, Luis Miguel; like a girlfriend from America, which has been Lucero. Let’s stop being stupid like that guy who isn’t worth naming because he’s not even an actor”. He finished.

It is worth mentioning that the same Gabriel Soto has spoken of that participation and has clarified that he was not prepared to sing live and that he was not notified by the program’s production that that was what he was going to do.

“Singing live on television you need an audio engineer who authorizes you, who moves the console a little there so that your voice is heard well. So, it is not justification, but if they had told me from the beginning that it was going live, then everything is prepared to make a live presentation, and it was not like that.


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