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Lolita Cortés is upset after Paco de Miguel’s controversial joke in ‘La Academia’

courteous lolita demonstrated his professionalism by retaking his place on the judging panel of The academy after last weekend she left the forum visibly upset when it was revealed that Ruby, Nelson, Andrew, Sea Y cesia They were the finalists of the reality show, which will conclude this Sunday.

Despite the fact that the critics expressed their disagreement with the public’s decision, last Saturday he reappeared on the TV Azteca program to rate the performance of the academics towards the final stretch. However, the theater actress starred in an uncomfortable moment with Paco de Miguelone of the guests of the night.

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Paco de Miguel was present at the concert on Saturday to present a series of prizes sponsored by TikTok. As soon as the comedian appeared on stage, Lolita Cortés made a face of few friends and seemed to be in a very bad mood.

But the rejection became more evident when the influencer handed over the recognition to the “total drama” and made a joking comment about the heated discussions between Lolita Cortés and Alexander Acha, a joke that did not cause any grace to the critics.

“Dramas, (those of the) lady, teacher Lola with director Alexander, well they can’t compete either because it is, I repeat, for the students,” he said.

Lolita Cortés was serious and proceeded to take a selfie, downplaying what Paco de Miguel said. A tense situation that did not go unnoticed by William Valdés: “He’s staring at you Lolita, I think he didn’t like that comment.”

“No, I’m not even looking at it”the famous reacted.

Paco de Miguel imitates Lolita Cortés in ‘La Academia’

Later, he presented the award to “qué flow” and it was then that he imitated one of Cortés’s iconic scenes at La Academia, we are referring to the day he requested a camera and asked the public that they will no longer vote for Jolette.

“Can I ask for a camera? Where is it? Right here? I want to ask all our viewers not to vote for it anymore. They can’t vote for it,” he said.

But the parody was not funny neither for the judge nor for the followers of the reality show who reacted with memes to the tense interaction between Paco de Miguel and Lolita Cortés. Some even pointed out that the comedian failed with his imitation.


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