Lolita Cortés confirms whether Jolet's feud was real

The theater actress told how the trial with Jollette began; He also admitted whether the controversies were genuine.

Mexico City.- lola humble Despite being a fine theater and television actress, she is mostly remembered for her fights or . discuss with jolet Hernandez Navarrete, contestant of the reality show “La Accademia”.

Many years after that show, on social networks, Internet users continue to remember him as the judge who never wanted a joke And he always made a scathing remark to the participant. But were those criticisms really observations made to improve the young lady or was it just part of Rating generation strategy. She clears everything.

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“You answer me and you ‘on’ me”

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, lolita humble talked about when she was hired by TV Azteca Judge of “Academy” for many years. The woman, considered one of the greatest exponents of theater in Mexico, assured that The fourth season was the one that suffered the most, Well His differences with Jollette They did not give him satisfaction as many believe.

The Now Judge Of “The Stars Dance Today” Also Details How Those Famous People Started controversies between him and the participant.

“The fourth generation is coming and I didn’t expect anyone to answer me[…] You answer me and you ‘turn on’ for me. I am the neighbour. The girl answers me and I say ‘What?’ And then I answer her”, Lola Cortes recounts how she started their rivalry Media with Jollette.

However, Lola Cortes confesses that they asked him Don’t give up in the battle with Jolet Well, this raised the rating of the issue.

“At the time our product and director went on vacation, he came back, joined us: ‘What did they do, what happened?’ I raised my hand, as he taught me at school: ‘I told him to leave because he doesn’t know how to sing […]’, Lola confessed. But the producer’s response was: “You have to follow Lola, Now you don’t need to go down there, ”said the actress.

Lolita Cortes told Yordi that It was a difficult time in his career, Since she not only had to keep up with Jollette, her fans and the public who supported her, she also received misbehavior On behalf of the entire family of Guadalajara, who annoyed him when he got off the stage.

“They took us out with an escort so they wouldn’t hurt us […] Cars will stop you and yell at you from car to car, face to face. The truth is that we had a bad time“Lola wide.