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Lola Cortés reacts to the presentation of Chiquis at La Academia (VIDEO)

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  • Chiquis Rivera made an appearance at La Academia
  • Lola Cortés raised controversy by reacting to the presentation of Chiquis
  • “He competed with Jolette and Rubí”

Lola Cortés Chiquis presentation. The singer and musical comedy actress, Lola Cortés, is one of those talented women who have years of experience in the industry, and therefore, is recognized as having great talent. In addition, Lolita Cortés, as she is artistically known, also raised her fame because she is a judge on the talent show La Academia.

The artist is back in the new edition that is being broadcast at La Academia, she is one of the most beloved judges and one with confidence and talent. Not everyone agrees with the way she is, but the truth is that she has many fans. Yesterday they had a special guest on the show…

Lola Cortés Chiquis presentation: They invited Chiquis Rivera to perform their songs

Lola Cortes presentation Chiquis

The daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera rose to fame because she is a regional Mexican singer who has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Chiquis Rivera was the special guest of the last program of La Academia, and Chiquis gave a great performance.

The interpreter of ‘Abeja Reina’ shone on stage, sang her most popular songs and the public was happy to see her there. But apparently, not everyone liked Chiquis’ performance, because the faces of judge Lola Cortés gave a lot to talk about at the time Chiquis was on stage. Filed Under: Lola Cortés presentation Chiquis

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