Home Entertainment ”Loki” reveals his best-kept secret in its latest episode

”Loki” reveals his best-kept secret in its latest episode

''Loki'' reveals his best-kept secret in its latest episode

“bottle gourd”, chain of Miracle for Disney Plus starring Tom Hiddleston Ended this Wednesday; to create excitement among fans and create a new wave of principles around future projects.

But the biggest reveal from the last episode is right after the end credits:

''Loki'' Reveals His Best-Kept Secret In Its Latest Episode - Light Home News
“Lovi will return in Season 2”, with this image Marvel confirms that Loki will have a next season. photo via twitter

”Loki” confirms its second season

That’s right, opposite “WandaVision” u “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, comedy series Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby; yes it will a second seasonTherefore, Internet users – according to mentions on the social network – don’t know whether to be more grateful or worried as the next projects are confirmed.

We won’t reveal much about the previous episode, but for many it confirms the theory that “Spiderman: No Way Home” can finally fulfill the expectation “Multiverse / Multiverso”, how much they have asked Marvel.

In fact, it seems that the studies were careful enough that the “loci” ending eventually led to that excitement.

When is “Doctor Strange 2” releasing?

Disney factory strategy Not only led “WandaVision” to the top in the Emmy nominations, but now many can’t wait for the premiere of the next movie “Doctor Strange”, Planned for March 2022, while “No Way Home” It will hit the theaters next December.

Thus, the ending of “Loki” also brought with it an important piece, which some even refer to as a potential villain to defeat in the game. Marvel Phase 4after firing “the Avengers” Original.