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‘Loki’ creator and Tom Hiddleston on covering ‘New Emotional Ground’ in season 2 (exclusive)

'Loki' creator and Tom Hiddleston on covering 'New Emotional Ground' in season 2 (exclusive)

The MCU spinoff series will continue to follow the mischievous superhero as he travels through time.

After debuting last year to critical and fan acclaim, bottle gourd Has been renewed for season 2. Now, as anticipation builds for new episodes of the MCU spinoff series, creator Michael Waldron and star Tom Hiddleston talk to ET about “bringing the band back together” and bringing back even more layers of Titanic’s mischievous superhero. Peeled off. ,

with production allegedly started In June, just a year after the series debuted on Disney+, Hiddleston looks forward to returning to the world of the character he’s played since he first appeared in 2011. Thor,

“We are starting very soon. Almost as soon as I leave this room. Not quite, but it is just around the corner,” the actor said while promoting his new Apple TV+ series, Essex SerpentsIn which he plays a pastor in a small town possibly haunted by a mythical sea serpent.

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“We’re definitely going into summer,” he continued, adding that he’s “excited to get the band back together.” That band, of course, refers to their Season 1 co-stars, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Owen Wilson, both of whom have confirmed that they are Ravonna Renslayer and Mobius M. Will return as Moebius.

Meanwhile, Waldron, who also wrote Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessWhat’s in store for the upcoming season, which he has dubbed “emotional” in previous interviews.

“Without getting too specific, it’s a constant development of the character. That was always important to Tom and that was what was important to me,” Waldron said to elaborate on the emotional element of the new episode.

“If we’re going to continue [the first season story] In the second season, we have to cover the new emotional base,” he continued. “And the good news is that he keeps revealing new layers of character texture and complexity.”

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How the most recent film installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe affects the future bottle gourd series, Waldron teased that “after what happened in this movie, there are probably some branches going everywhere.”

“I imagine Mobius looking at it on a monitor, lighting a cigarette and saying, ‘Oh my god,'” he joked, adding that the Time Variance Authority agent could be affected by all the unforeseen events. “I guess we’ll have to wait and find out what that means for those people.”

Until then, Waldron said, “it’s really a pleasure to work with Tom and continue to bring Loki to life.”

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