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Loki and the Wild sex sequence that was never filmed

Loki and the Wild sex sequence that was never filmed

Loki is the god of mischief, bisexual and gender fluid, but There were limits when expressing your sexuality. A new special shown behind the scenes of the Disney+ series reveals a wild sex sequence that was never filmed.

On Assembled: Building Lokik, some of the evolution process of the series is shown. There you can see a blackboard located in the writers’ room, where various ideas were being turned over to the imagination. And there you can read the description of a montage that did not end in the program.

According to that sequence, Loki got everything he ever wanted. In addition to receiving the Infinity Stones and becoming the King of Asgard, he also had high dose of wild sex.

Loki Refers To The Time Keepers.

Loki refers to the time keepers.

list of loci

In the sequel you see Michael Waldron, the main screenwriter of the series. And to his left, on the blackboard, appears a draft of the sequence, which explains how Loki originally had to travel a long way to realize how much Time Variation Authority (TVA, for its abbreviation in English) was. have power. )

This list says:

  • Loki is visiting different time periods.
  • crazy pranks, aka sex
  • action to take power
  • Infinity Stones Collection
  • He has gloves, he has power, more sex, bi, alien, etc.
  • Alone in the throne room. He has seized power, but is infected with the idea that he is not “real” because of the TVA’s control over free will.
  • He goes back to the TVA, the glove comes off, Mobius is waiting for him.
  • Loki gives an honest answer to Mobius. Möbius shows the great power of the TVA.
Blackboard In Loki'S Writing Room, Where You Can See Various Ideas For Imagination.

Blackboard in Loki’s writing room, where you can see various ideas for imagination.

After all, why was this not seen in the series? According to the film site’s estimates, most likely it was a complicated and costly sequence to film. And, ultimately, the series was able to give Loki the same advantage, but with less content and more excitement.

As for the sexual part, it’s not hard to imagine why Loki wasn’t seen completing that part of the writers’ sketch. And that although it pretends to be one of the most ordinary series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, It’s Still Within Disney+ Programming, a platform designed for the whole family and especially for the kids.

Loki, Advance

It should be remembered that anyway Loki became an advance, revealing himself as First Bisexual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Those who haven’t seen the series don’t continue reading if you don’t want to see some of the details revealed.

Loki Marvel Universe Series That Can Be Seen On Disney Plus.

Loki Marvel universe series that can be seen on Disney Plus.

In an episode of fiction starring Tom Hiddleston, there was a dialogue that was revealing in this regard. This is a conversation that Loki has with Lady Loki, who also calls herself Sylvie.

The couple discuss their dating history, and during the conversation Sylvie mentions the protagonist’s sexual partner, saying: “It must have been a princess. Or, perhaps, another prince?” To which Loki replied, “A bit of both, I suspect the same as you”, implying that he had male and female mates in the past.