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‘Locos Addams’: this was what happened to the actors who participated in the film

the addams family They are a television classic, which years later came to the big screen and it was thanks to these productions that they attracted even more attention, not to mention the actors who played one of the families most loved by the public.

As we told you, in the 1960s a television series was released that followed the adventures of the mad addams and in the 90s several of their films were brought to theaters. Next, we will tell you what has happened to the actors who gave life to Merlina, Morticia, Gomez, Pericles, among others.

Morticia Addams

Gomez’s wife Morticia Addams, was played in the movies by Anjelica Huston, who you surely remember for giving life to the fearsome Grand Witch in The witches. On the other hand, we have seen it in productions such as Smash, When in Rome, A handful of dust, among other.

Currently the actress does not have an Instagram accountbut the last work we saw of her was that she participated in john wick 3 in 2019.

Homer Addams

The likeable Homer was played by Raúl Juliá, who stood out for adding to the leader of the Addams family that charming, romantic and undoubtedly Don Juan touch. The actor of Puerto Rican origin He participated in movies like Crazy at the Wheel, Othello, Romero, the beginner, among other.

Unfortunately Raúl Juliá had a cardiovascular accident and after spending four days in a coma, he died on October 24, 1994, just shortly after the premiere of The Addams family 2.


Without a doubt, Merlina is one of the characters that has captivated us the most due to her dark facet, as well as her black humor. It was Christina Ricci who brought this teenager to life on the big screen.

Throughout her career, the actress has participated in different films such as Gasparín, Little warriors, Furtive lives, Penélophey the most recent Matrix Resurrection. The famous is expected to appear in the series of merlin which will premiere on Netflix.


Merlina’s brother and the youngest son of Homer and Morticia was directed by actor Jimmy Workman, who thanks to his role in the mad addams caught attention and later we saw it in better impossible either To Kill a MockumentaryHowever, he retired from acting in 2005.

Jimmy Workman, Pericles in 'Los Locos Addams'.

Jimmy Workman, Pericles in ‘Los Locos Addams’.

Uncle Lucas

Christopher Lloyd was the one who played another of the most beloved members of the Addams family: Uncle Lucas. The actor is not only recognized for this role but also for having played to Doc Emmett Brown in Return to the future.

Among the actors who participated in the addams familyLloyd has a long history and even He has dabbled in dubbing. Among his latest works are the series The Mandalorian and the movie Nobody. As if that were not enough, a few weeks ago we saw him at an event with Michael J. Fox, the protagonist of Back to the Future.

Lurch the Butler

Carel Struycken participated in the films of the addams family like the butler Lurch, who had a certain resemblance to Frankenstein and he was very close especially to Pericles.

The actor has worked in films such as Gerald’s Game, Oblivion, My name is Earl, Twin Peaks, Men in Black and the last one so far doctor sleep of 2019. What has caught the attention of the actor is his height, and that he measures 2.13 meters.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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