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LNG SHT: musical maturity, new album and overflowing creativity

It was the year 2015 and a new rapper was beginning to appear on the Mexican music scene, Gaston Espinoza or better known as LNG SHT, released his album I swear that if I arrive to demonstrate that a good rap was made in the south of Mexico.

Today, seven years laters, Gastón longs for the moment to release his second album called good adults, but now the whole picture is very different. Surrounded by a new life, mature lyrics, other interests, new priorities and a large and consolidated fan base. it is just a little of what LNG SHT has built over this time.

Sabino, a Sab-Hop full of love, nostalgia and respect; he “he left all his life in every song”

Gastón spoke with MILENIO about this new stage and how difficult it has been to release this new album, which meant going through the pandemic, losing his father and taking that step to become, as his album says, a good adult.

“This time has been very difficult. since this album should have come out a while ago, but covid crossed, My dad got cancer and passed away. In the song there is a part that talks about him, but I wrote it before he died. However, I am very happy I already want people to listen to it; I don’t remember a time when I felt so excited to play songs live; I want to try things that I have never done live, something very different from everything that they have seen us do in concerts”, said an emotional Gastón.

Creativity and introspection

By mentioning the wordcreativity‘ could be very difficult to define, it is usually very subjective. That is why Gastón gives it its own value and meaning: rediscovering himself, revaluing himself and being aware of what he can cause in his audience that, on repeated occasions, has tattooed the lyrics of his songs on their skin and mind, carrying them as a lifestyle.

“My creativity is overflowing, that I am very comfortable with the person I am creating. A lot of the brake that I had was wanting to get to a place that I had not been able to get to with my musical abilities and now I feel comfortable enough to make records, write songs and to let my voice out. I understand that not all songs are going to be a hit, we are not the Beatles. There will be songs that resonate with a sector of our audience and others that we love and that people do not but would never have imagined the impact that my songs would have.

seven years of change

It’s been years of waiting, but not because of absence, LNG SHT has released many songs in which he has been able to talk about different topics such as depression, love, partying, adult life, work and else. A more mature Gastón, but enjoying every step he takes.

“You can definitely see a more mature angle and it is not something that I have proposed to do, I think that something that has characterized the project is that I have always tried to write from honesty and from what I live, think and feel; I do not sell you a movie that I am not living and I do not sell you a character, ”he confessed.

Much of the success of the project has been based on its multiple presentations in almost all stages within the Mexican Republic, appearing at the Metropolitan Theater, Plaza Condesa, Festival Vive Latino, Foro Alicia and in various states of the country. His show, although guarantee, LNG SHT wants to offer something new and never seen before. “We have a great live show, the flight hours are noticeable; on stage not only the songs matter but everything we create at the moment with the public.”

How to be a good adult?

As he has narrated in his songs, Gastón is living a stage in his life in which he enjoys being the adult he always dreamed of, He has left behind certain themes in his songs to play other deeper ones that help him be the person he wants to be.

“Before I had songs that talked about praising addictions and now I make songs like sober and confused in which I recognize the control that I have lost around these substances and how they turned me into a person that I did not like. Or songs like Brick and Cement in which I am no longer applauding being with many women but being able to celebrate life as a couple. At the end of the day I want my music to always support the stage in which I am living”.

It will be at the beginning of October when Good Adults finally comes out to the public and on the 29th of the same month it will be presented at the BB Auditorium From Mexico City.


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