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Monday, August 15, 2022

Lizzo poses ‘Fab-You-Luss’ at the 2022 BET Awards with a rump-shaking ‘About Damn Time’ performance

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It’s always a party when Lizzo is on stage and she proved it once again on Sunday night. The singer brought the house down with an electrifying performance of her smash hit, “About Damn Time.”

The BET Awards performance debuted as Lizzo’s opening act. Beginning her set with an epic flute solo, Lizzo dazzled in gold, wearing a matching disco-ball-inspired outfit.

The 33-year-old singer dropped the single in April and, on Apple Music 1’s . during an appearance on new music daily with Zane Lowe, Lizzo anointed her new single “Song of the Summer”. The singer called the song from her upcoming fourth studio album, SpecificCan serve as the perfect backdrop for any celebration.

She told Lowe, “‘About Damn Time’ can lead to so many conversations.” “It’s about damn time that I feel better, it’s damn time we get out of this pandemic. It’s damn time we get the first black female Supreme Court justice. There are many things It’s about the damn time we popped the champagne. It’s about the damn time the tequila came here.”

The singer recently responded to the backlash that a song from her recent release “GRRRLs” which listeners noted was a “competent slur” by not only changing the lyrics, but confirming that she used abusive language in her music. Wants to promote “never”.

“It has been brought to my attention that my song ‘GRRRLS’ contains a harmful word. Let me make one thing clear: I never want to promote derogatory language. As a fat black woman in America, my There have been hurtful words used against me, so I understand that there may be power words (whether intentionally or in my case, unintentional. ),” the “Good as Hell” singer said before revealing that “GRRRLS A new version of ” has been released.

She added, “I am proud to say that there is a new version of ‘GRRRLS’ with the song Parivartan. It is the result of my listening and taking action. As an influential artist I am proud to be a part of Parivartan. Dedicated. ‘Waiting to see in the world. Xoxo, Lizzo.”

Her quick reaction was further proof of how attentive the singer has always been to her fans and her BET Awards performance is proof that Lizzo is all she “grrrl!”

For more information on this year’s BET Awards, check out the links below. Check out the full winners list here!

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