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Livia Brito threatened those who take photos or videos of her without her consent

Livia Brito ruled that no one can take photos and videos of her without her consent despite being a public figure (Photos: Getty Images)

For an interview with various media, the actress Livia Brito condemned that no one can take photos or record her without her consent after she went to the court of the Mexico City for a legal problem with a magazine.

And it is that said magazine is involved in a demand provided by the Cuban, after using some images of her without her consent and publishing them on the cover.

It is for this reason that when leaving the court Livia made threatsincluding the reporters who were there so that they would not take photos and videos without their authorization.

According to her, these actions violate Mexican law. “no matter where i whether you capture voice, sound, moving image or still image and publish it for profit or simply to capture the image you are committing a violation” Livia said after reading article 18.

-It will constitute an illegal act the capture, diffusion or commercialization of the image of a person without their express consent-is what is embodied in said article.

For his part, the entertainment journalist, Daniel Bisogno exploded against the actress for her attitudes towards the press.

It became a kick in the hue ***, forgive me for saying so, what a mess, what a bottle (…) Now, if she doesn’t want to be recorded, we can tear it apart if we wantedwithout an image, but we can also not take her at all, or interview her to promote her novels or anything, “he said.

Likewise, the rest of the drivers of windowing They also launched strong criticism towards Livia Brito and expressed that they prefer to return to their country of origin because of her “petulant” attitudes.

The hosts of Ventaneando attacked Livia Brito for her responses to the press (Screenshot: TV Azteca/Ventaneando)
The hosts of Ventaneando attacked Livia Brito for her responses to the press (Screenshot: TV Azteca/Ventaneando)

“I never thought he was so petulant,” said Pati Chapoy and Pedrito Sola replied: “They should return her to the islandwhat are you doing here (…) But Pati, where does she come from, from Cuba, let her come back”.

Before the cameras, the Cuban’s lawyer explained what they are looking for with the lawsuit and although she is a public figure, the paparazzi were carrying out an activity outside the law.

“The media and the paparazzi are carrying out an illegal activity by marketing, exploiting, selling the image, the voice, everything related to their privacy,” he pointed out. Gustavo Herrerathe model’s lawyer.

It should be noted that Livia Brito was also questioned about the legal problem she faces with Ernest Zepedaa journalist whom he assaulted on the beach two years ago, along with his partner.

Livia Brito and Ernesto Zepeda in legal process after assault (Photo: File) (Photo: Getty Images)
Livia Brito and Ernesto Zepeda in legal process after assault (Photo: File) (Photo: Getty Images)

However, she refrained from making any statement on that subject and decided to say goodbye to the press by thanking the reporters. In addition to this, the paparazzo who suffered the damage spoke about the event a few days ago.

And it is that after being in court deliberating what will happen with the case, Ernesto expressed that there was certain favoritism that he did not understand and they seemed unfair.

It is not unfair to me, it is unfair to all citizensfor all Mexicans. I don’t know if there are first-class citizens, second-class citizens, anyway. As I repeat, as citizens it is a pity that there are this type of situation, favoritism”, he added.

Also, Zepeda’s biggest annoyance is that Livia Brito continues to assure that she did not commit such acts against him and that for that reason there has been no great progress.


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