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Livia Brito has not been informed about ‘La Desalmada 2’: “They haven’t even talked to me”

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The actress claimed not to know anything about the project that Televisa has already confirmed (Photo: Instagram/@liviabritopes)

Although the lack of original content has been one of the main reasons why Mexican melodramas have begun to lose popularity, the adaptation of The Lady of Troy made by Televisa Univision caused a furor being one of the most viewed bets of 2021.

That is why the San Ángel television station has confirmed that The Heartless will have a second part and although in the writing it can be read that its leading actors retake the main role, the character of Fernando Linaresinterpreted by Livia Britocould be in danger because the actress has not even been informed about the plans to continue the story.

I wish I had something to tell you, but they haven’t even spoken to me to tell me that the second part of The Heartless. I have found out precisely from people like you who have told me, but directly that the production or someone from Televisa he told me ‘hey The Heartless goes for such date, The Heartless we already have a second part’ nobody has told me”, commented Brito in a recent conversation with the magazine People in spanish.

José Ron is the male lead in "La Desalmada" (Photo: Instagram/@faisynights)
José Ron is the male lead in “La Desalmada” (Photo: Instagram/@faisynights)

However, the company that recently merged with Univision has already talked about the project on the occasion of the premiere of the first season on its streaming platform ViXin which, by the way, it has obtained high levels of views, reaffirming the success obtained on television in Mexico and its transmission also in the United States.

“After the great success of The Heartless The next chapter of this romantic melodrama arrives at the prime time of Univision. The story focuses on the life of Fernanda Linaress, who, after avenging the murder of her first husband, focuses on regaining her husband’s trust. However, her past haunts her as Agustin she tries to destabilize her new marriage and turn her husband against her. Joseph Ron Y Livia Brito return for the second seasonwhich will feature more surprises and unexpected plot twists,” he shared. Televisa Univision.

The new installment could arrive in 2024 (Photo: Instagram/@joseron3)
The new installment could arrive in 2024 (Photo: Instagram/@joseron3)

Despite the fact that the actress would have aired the lack of communication that the Dream Factory with your work schedule. Livia Brito in another recent meeting with the press did not deny that she will participate or that the fact of not having spoken with her first before confirming the news is a reason why she does not return to the leading role that has yielded great results and new followers who do not They trusted their work.

Of course yes”, he replied without hesitation. “In fact, when the novel was finished I said: ‘I guess they’re going to make a second part because they left it open, there’s still a lot of story to tell’. And I said it in all the interviews: ‘I hope they do the second part’. And if they already announced it in the up front I imagine it’s official,” he said.

Although the idea has caused great emotion in soap opera lovers, the project will apparently take some time, since the schedule for the productions that it has Televisa Univision for the rest of 2022 it was announced from December 2021 and even the modifications that have been made to it were added in the first quarter of the year, so if it is formed it could be prepared during 2023 and giving birth until 2024.

“Nobody’s Woman” is the new version of “Amarte Es Mi Pecado”

Currently we can see Livia Brito starring in the channel The stars with production No man’s wifewhich is also a “rehash” of the telenovela Loving You Is My Sin, which is now produced by Giselle González. Your character Lucia Arizmendi has the same strength that gave him at the time Yadhira Carrillo a Leonora Guzmán Madrigal de Horta Vda. by Palacios Garcia de Sandoval.


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