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‘Little People, Big World’: Zach and Tori spend adorable one-on-one time with their kids (exclusive)

it’s date night little people big world, In an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode, shared exclusively with ET, Tori and Zach Roloff take their kids on a one-on-one outing ahead of the arrival of their new baby. An artistic date occurs between Tori and Jackson during the painting while Zach and Lila enjoy a day at the petting zoo.

“Jackson and I are going to spend some time together,” Tori says at the beginning of the clip. “Do some painting.”

When Tori asks him and Zack’s 5-year-old son what he calls their time together, he replies, “A date.” During their outing, Jackson points to a cool spiderweb he’s going to paint before suggesting plans for their painting date.

“Hey mom, how about you do one for Leela and I do one for myself,” he suggests.

In a Confessions with Zach, Tori explains why it’s important for her to spend time apart with her kids. “The date, it’s just more, like, intentional timing with each of them,” she says. “I just love spending time with me and Jay. He’s such a fun kid.”

As for why she and Jackson chose painting over the petting zoo, Tori explains, “‘I’m very pregnant, so even though going to the animal farm seemed fun, right now, painting, I think, is my jam. Something different and they liked it.”

Back in the painting session, Tori tries to make progress with his pink pig while Jackson takes some constructive criticism. During their joint confession, Jackson referred to his mother’s “Not So Cool Pig” that they painted during their time together. Tori asks Jackson if she thinks her little sister is going to have a good time or will be “scared” during her day at the zoo.

At the petting zoo, Zach uses his time with 2-year-old Leila to encourage her to step out of her comfort zone, starting with feasting on a sheep. When Zack encourages his daughter to stick out her hand so that the animal can eat the treat from her hand, she suggests that he do so instead.

“Lilah is definitely our shyest,” Zach says during the confessional. “She’s shy, there’s more uncertainty in different places. I expected her to be a little nervous about animals and a new setting.

Zack shares that he enjoys spending one-on-one time with Lila, so he can encourage her to do things without his older brother.

“She doesn’t have her older brother leading the way,” he says. “I think it’s important that Lila experiences things on her own, not just with Jackson, so she can do things her own way — take things for herself.”

Lila starts by saying “hello” to the alpaca and meeting the hen. For Zack, Leela’s calm demeanor is a win for the day.

“She’s not screaming, so it’s all good for me,” Zach says.

Off camera, the couple, who welcomed their son, Josiah, in April, are focusing on life as a Roloff party of five, despite some family drama.

Zach told ET of his family’s latest chapter, “Jackson is starting kindergarten next year full-time. Lila, she’s getting potty trained and she’s talking more and becoming a girl with her personality.” And then now we have Josiah here.” “So, Tori and I are just focused on our kids and yeah, what we want to do for the next decade of our lives.”

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.


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