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Little People Big World star Matt Roloff reveals his farm has caught fire

Little People Big World star Matt Roloff reveals his farm has caught fire

Small people, big world Star Matt Roloff breathes a sigh of relief after his Oregon farm remained largely unscathed after a fire that threatened his 110-year-old building.

The 60-year-old TLC personality revealed that a fire had broken out in the chicken coop on Tuesday morning, with flames rising up to 6 feet and thick smoke rising from all sides. Roloff took to Instagram and posted a series of videos and pictures showing the aftermath on his farm, which is about 15 miles west of Portland.

“It never gets boring here on the farm,” began Roloff with his long Instagram caption, which documented the accident. He thanked his friend for urging him to have lots of fire extinguishers on the farm. Roloff’s servant Jason also received high praise from the reality TV star who worked with local firefighters to save the farm. There was only some internal damage, said Roloff.

What started the fire, Roloff wrote, was caused by a light falling to the floor, which probably happened when the chickens rushed out the automatic door that morning. Roloff added that none of his chickens were injured.

Roloff Farms is a fixture on the long-running TLC show. So much so, that’s where Roloff’s ex-wife Amy married Chris Marek last year. Roloff and Amy filed for divorce in 2015 after 27 years of marriage.

Amy and Chris spoke to ET’s Cassie DiLaura about their wedding on the farm, with Amy also revealing that it was Roloff’s idea to offer the farm as a wedding venue.

“Roloff Farms wasn’t always an absolute ‘no’. It was on the line, sort of a plan B because we had other places to look, ”Amy explained. “And when we decided on a date, these other places fell by the wayside. So Roloff Farms rose to the top.

“But it was thanks to Chris for really helping me see it from a different perspective,” Amy continued. “I mean, I raised my children there. I’ve been on this farm for many, many years, but that’s also where we met. This is where our relationship grew and became what it was. So to solidify it and start our married life with our wedding there and then go into the sunset makes sense. “


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