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Linda Evangelista returned to the cover of Vogue after suffering the consequences of an aesthetic treatment

Linda Evangelista suffered sequelae on her face from an aesthetic procedure (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage) (Getty)

cute evangelist She is one of the most recognized models in recent generations at an international level, however, in recent years her name began to resonate for not so positive reasons. And it is that, after undergoing several aesthetic procedures, the 57-year-old famous denounced that she had negative consequences that affected her image.

It was so, after living hard periods in his life, came back stronger than ever to the cover of one of the most renowned fashion magazines: Vogue.

But, due to the traces that remained from that cryolipolysis treatment -fat cooling to eliminate it- and that left lumps on the chin, thighs and chest- During her reappearance, the famous noted that the makeup artist had to hold her face with adhesive tape to generate a more aesthetic effect on her face.

“That’s not my jaw and neck in real life, And I can’t walk around with duct tape and elastic everywhere.” pointed out Evangelist for Vogue.

Likewise, he deepened that, although the reason for the photo session and appearing on this cover was an act to show that he loves himself as he is, he pointed out that there are times when you fantasize a little and letting go is also valid.

“Look, for the photos I always think that we are here to create fantasies. We are creating dreams. I think it is allowed. Also, all my insecurities are resolved in these images, so I get to do what I love to do.” clarified.

In the photographs you can always see the model from the front and her body is almost completely covered. To this, Evangelista pointed out that it was because she continued to struggle with her insecurities.

“You’re not going to see me in a bathing suit, that’s for sure.. It will be difficult to find a job with things that stand out from me; no retouching, squeezing things, gluing things, compressing or cheating…” she said.

Linda Evangelista has stayed out of the public eye (Photo by David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)
Linda Evangelista has stayed out of the public eye (Photo by David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

How Linda Evangelista has lived after her treatment

According to his most recent interview with vogue, after she underwent the unsuccessful procedures Linda tried to correct the situation with two liposuctions, but it was not as successful as expected.

I have incisions all over my body. I had stitches, I wore compression garments under my chin, I had my whole body girdled for eight weeks, nothing helped,” he said.

In this sense, the model deepened that she was so ashamed of her situation and that she spent so much money in vain that she began to develop an eating disorder.

The super model has lived hard moments (Photo © 2016 INF/The Grosby Group)
The super model has lived hard moments (Photo © 2016 INF/The Grosby Group)

“I was so embarrassed, I had just spent all this money and the only way I could think of to fix it was zero calories so I just drank water. Or sometimes he would eat a stick of celery or an apple. she was losing her mind“, said.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, Evangelista did a photo shoot for People and there he spoke a little about the difficult moments he has lived through.

In the talk, the top model of the 90s narrated that in 2016 she received her diagnosis, which was paradoxical adipose hyperplasiaPAH, which causes the treated area to become larger in the weeks following the procedure, leaving a “painless, visibly enlarged, firm, and well-demarcated mass” under the skin.


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