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Liliana Rodríguez leaves the set of Siéntese who can! in full recording and send this statement on networks

As an “leisure system and television level of competition in no way witnessed just before”. This is how it seemed months back Sit who can!the new Present of UniMas that sales opportunities the actor Julian Gil and in which a panel of industry experts designed up of Liliana Rodriguez, Lucho Borrego, Alex Rodriguez, Karla Gomez, vanessa arias Y Alejandra Jaramillo they contend with each and every other even though exchanging opinions and owning frank conversations about news from the earth of amusement.

“The actuality that it is a hybrid in between a Exhibit of dialogue and actuality present helps make it unique and helps make it unique,” mentioned its host in an interview with Individuals en Español prior to the show’s premiere. “This is the only Display in which persons will be in a position to interact with us and will be aspect of the Demonstrate. The singing voice is in fact carried by the general public, because they will be capable to get rid of or introduce some of the panelists as a result of their weekly votes.

A single of the protagonists of Clearly show has been Liliana Rodriguezthe daughter of ‘El Puma’, who has not remaining everyone indifferent with her explosive temperament.

A immediate and outspoken individuality that has led her to clash on far more than 1 celebration with her teammates, with whom she has had constant clashes.

This Tuesday, the Venezuelan actress and singer seems that she could not choose it any more and chose to go away the established of the method in comprehensive recording, a final decision that still left lots of with their mouths open.

Mindful of this, Liliana did not take lengthy to send out a assertion by way of social networks detailing what enthusiastic her to make this drastic selection that is giving so significantly to discuss about.

“Out of respect for all viewers, my relatives and my followers, I was compelled to leave the established of Sit who can! in entire recording. You deserve truth, credibility and professionalism even if the structure is a reality displayOver all, I are worthy of respect. The God I think in can make me a head and not a tail. And even though I have the humility to request for forgiveness, I also have the courage to give myself regard,” he shared.

“What is actually likely on in this Present It is obvious, whoever has eyes to see, let him see. You attract your have conclusions, “he continued.” Thank you incredibly considerably for the assistance, passion and understanding “.

So much no member of the application has reacted to his assertion.

Sit who can! airs at 7 pm ET on UniMas.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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