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Liliana Cuomo, a versatile actress who reached the top with “The secret of her eyes”, passed away

Liliana Cuomo, a versatile actress who reached the top with

The actress Liliana cuomo He died this Sunday at the age of 66, the product of a serious illness. The sad news was confirmed by the film and television director Juan José Campanella, with whom he worked on the award-winning film “The secret of their eyes” and the successful television series “The man of your life.”

“Liliana Cuomo passed away, a great actress, great friend and best person. He had lost his son to covid and sometimes the body says enough. Liliana dear, I’m going to miss your laugh very much, “Campanella said in an emotional post on her Twitter account.

As the scriptwriter, editor and producer also specified to the site Teleshow, the actress suffered from cancer, although he “never” told her. “We talk a lot, but we haven’t talked in about four months,” he said.

After studying acting with Lito Cruz, Martín Adjemián and Judith Wainer, Cuomo started a extensive professional career that included works in theater, television, cinema and even documentaries and music videos.

Among his most outstanding work on television are programs such as “Soy Luna”, “Entre cannibals”, “Señores papis”, “You are my man”, “El potero”, “To dress saints” and “Son de fierro”, among others.

Liliana Cuomo, During A Passage From The Play &Quot;El Cuarto Del Recuerdo&Quot;.

Liliana Cuomo, during a passage from the play “El Cuarto del Recuerdo”.

In theater, meanwhile, he displayed his talents in titles such as “The clothes”, “The terrible sincerity”, “The imaginary patient”, “Peer Gynt”, “The conventillo de la Paloma”, “The second look”, “Camino to Damascus “,” Dollhouse “,” A streetcar called desire “,” The memory room “,” The second look “, among numerous works.

On the big screen he participated in films such as “A Chinese tale”, “Sotto voce”, “Only people”, “The defeated”, “Valentino”, “Papers in the wind”, “Old cloth”, “The visitor”, “The Fish Boy” and “Evita”, by Alan Parker, although he reached the peak of his career with his character in “The Secret in His Eyes”, awarded the Oscar in 2010 for best foreign film.

It was there that he worked, among others, with Ricardo Darín, who also spoke out publicly about Cuomo’s death. “Total sadness, besides being a good actress, a great woman! Hugs to those who love her ”, replied the renowned actor in the Campanella publication.

Cuomo was also part of the documentary “Spas” and the video clip “Days of unemployment”, by Attaque 77.

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