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Like two drops of water! Johnny Lozada introduces his son who competes on the show and are they identical? (PHOTOS)

  • Johnny Lozada is a guest on Despierta América
  • The son of the former Menudo appeared impacting with his physique
  • Are father and son like two drops of water?

Johnny Lozada’s son made an appearance on Despierta América, shocking all viewers because of his physique because no one expected him to be a young ‘copy’ of his famous father who rose to fame thanks to being part of the most famous Hispanic group of men of all time: Menudo.

For years, Johnny Lozada has been one of the most charismatic and beloved Hispanic celebrities by the entire Latin audience, as millions of women remember him fondly in Menudo and all the reunions they have had after the group’s enormous fame, as well as with his solo career, actor and even television host.

Son of Johnny Lozada impacts with his physique

Johnny Lozada appeared with his son

And it is that the young man who has not been dedicated to entertainment, but to sports, surprised with a smile and physical appearance very similar to that of his famous father in Menudo, although it is evident that the years have passed by Johnny Lozada who now with completely gray hair, your child could be a carbon copy of his younger years.

The athlete’s name is Jahn Lozada and he will participate in the television program ‘Reto 4 Elementos’, a format similar to Exatlón, in which several participants face physical tests of resistance, strength and even knowledge, a show in which he will appear and went to promote Wake up America.

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