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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Lightyear’s story comes to Disney+

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  • Lightyear comes to Disney+
  • A flop on the big screen
  • Pixar takes a meta-approach to the animation studio’s flagship franchise

Lightyear Disney+. Pixar surprised everyone when they announced the trailer for the new movie titled “Lightyear”, named after the famous Toy Story astronaut who shone in the 90’s. Many eagerly awaited the release of the new film to see their favorite character in a solo film.

However, the success was not as expected, since it did not have enough box office earnings, much of it was due to a kiss between two women who are a couple. The majority did not approve of Disney Pixar broadcasting these types of scenes, especially since it is a children’s film.

Lightyear arrives on the Disney+ platform

Lightyear arrives on the Disney+ platform

Now, after the failure in the cinema, Lightyear comes to Disney +, so viewers can now enjoy the story of Buzz, the famous astronaut who won the hearts of millions when he appeared in the Toy Story saga, from their homes. This Wednesday, August 3, the official announcement was made, according to WTP.

After the arrival of Lightyear at Disney +, two months after its premiere in theaters, the streaming platform will begin broadcasting it this Wednesday. Being quite a challenge due to the failure they obtained at the box office, being surpassed by the Minions.

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