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Lightyear flew less than expected in North American theaters

the long-awaited premiere of light yeara story taken from the world toy story from Pixar, there was a disappointing landing In North American theaters where it grossed $51 million from 4,255 theaters in the region, it failed to take the top spot. Jurassic World: Dominion

The saga about the dinosaurs received a box office of $58.6 million in its second week in 4,697 theaters and Top Gun: Maverick Completed the podium a month after its release and raised another 44 million.

special publication Diversity attributed to the weak start of light year Because “family audiences, the film’s core demographic, haven’t returned to theaters in full force since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Lightyear” refers to the hero’s history before “Toy Story”.

Internationally, the film about Woody’s astronaut friend earned $34.6 million in 43 countries, where Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are not listedThe film was banned because it shows kissing between people of the same sex.

And how did it go here?

On the other hand, in Argentine rooms, and according to data from the consulting firm Ultracinema, light year Loosely dominated ticket booths when viewed by 458,928 people on 520 screens, While the sixth installment of Jurassic Park It sold 260,278 tickets in 410 theatres.

In the context of the four-day long weekend leading up to today, local locations sold out 848,315 tickets, That is, an increase of 46.24 percent compared to the same period last week.

Pixar World

Lightyear is an animated adventure comedy, produced by Pixar Animation Studios You Walt Disney PicturesReleased in the United States on June 8, 2022. it is one By-product from series toy story Works as a story from Pixar and for the human character Buzz Lightyearwho inspired the action figure of the same name.

it was directed by angus maclean His directorial debut and starring He was voiced by Chris Evans in the title role.

A framing resource suggests that the film was a young man’s favorite. Andrew Davisand that toy Buzz Lightyear He was based on that obtained in 1995. But the movie has nothing to do with the universe toy story You It is boring and incomprehensible too.

different theories

Some attribute the perceived failure to the appearance of a controversial scene in which two female characters kissing, The thing inciting a silly debate on social networks because of political correctness flooding everything.

Here, in Argentina, the film sold 458,928 tickets at the box office, while the new "Jurassic Park" sold 260,278 tickets.  Photo: Disney

Here, in Argentina, the film sold 458,928 tickets at the box office, while the new “Jurassic Park” sold 260,278 tickets. Photo: Disney

It’s about Buzz Lightyear and his commanding officer and best friend, Alisha Hawthornewho find habitable planet T’Kani Prime With his new recruit, Featheringhamstan. At one point in the plot, the two will be forced to retreat to their exploration ship, after discovering that the planet harbors hostile life forms.

Buzz damages ship during retreat, forcing the crew to evacuate to make repairs and continue their journey. A year later, the crew has built a new colony with the necessary infrastructure to make repairs.

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