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Lifetime broadcasts miniseries on the life of Isabel Allende

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The well-known series from Megamedia Chile, Isabel: the intimate history of the writer Isabel Allendearrives at the signal lifetime these July 29, 30 and 31; Cataloged as “a very Lifetime woman”, the television channel seeks that the story of the enigmatic Chilean writer be a source of inspiration and identification for many Latin women.

Isabel: the intimate history of the writer Isabel Allende explores part of the writer’s life in a format that is divided into three parts: The cost of freedom, The devil in the mirror Y The spiritseach one addresses a different stage of his life.

Both Isabel Allende and Isabel Miquel Brokordt, executive producer, confirmed that the author made the decision not to participate in any aspect of the miniseries.

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“My life is exposed in several memoirs that I have written and this miniseries is based on Paula, a book that I wrote after my daughter died. That’s why I can’t argue with anything, I can’t say: ‘No, no, this is private’, because nothing of mine is private. I really liked the work they did, it was a very careful production”, commented Isabel Allende at a press conference.

“They came to my office and went through hundreds and hundreds of photos, videos, interviews and films. They copied the dresses of each era, including handmade jewelry that are unique pieces, hairstyles, houses; each period that appears in the series is very well done, ”she added.

women leaders

The miniseries now coming to lifetime complies with different characteristics that fit perfectly with the ideology of lifetime as channel. A production led by women, starring women, based on a Latin woman and that has managed to move and empathize with many female viewers in Latin America. Also, Isabel was one of the most recognized productions in the last edition of the Platinum Ibero-American Film and Audiovisual Awards with multiple nominationss, including Best Miniseries and Best Female Performance.

The producer offered more details about the bioseries that has passed through some platforms such as prime-time and now it comes to lifetime: “Isabel’s project is a very long dream that began about five years ago, from the head of a group of women who dream of doing the intimate story of a great writerher story as a woman, the woman behind the writer”.

The actress Daniela Ramírez, in charge of interpreting Isabel Allende, said she felt very honored in this role with which many women have felt represented; To prepare, she had to visit the writer’s literature in depth, understand her personality through family archives that contained information about her life from 20 to 50 years old.

“It is the biggest challenge that has touched me in my career. There is a before and after for me; It is a huge responsibility because Isabel is still with us, she can give her opinion, feel represented, reflected, dignified with this series; that was a risk”, declared Daniela Ramírez.

Best actress

Daniela Ramírez won the award at the most recent edition of the Ibero-American Film and Audiovisual Platinum Awards for this work.

Happy Birthday

Lifetime commemorates the author’s 80th birthday with the premiere of this bioseries that divides its three chapters into three days of broadcast.


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