Thirty years after successful his first Oscar for one of the iconic characters in movie historical past, Hannibal Lecter in The silence of the inocents, Anthony Hopkins repeated the statuette for its magnificent efficiency in The daddy, in a radically reverse and fragile file of a person affected by senile dementia. The movie opens this Thursday in Argentina.

In actual life, the actor of Welsh origin displays a pleasant demeanor and wonderful humor that contrasts with the turbulence of each characters: he tells anecdotes, recites poems and places his viewers in his pocket, together with Olivia colman, his co-star and daughter in fiction.

“Life is absurd, it’s ridiculous, we take everything too seriously,” says 83-year-old Hopkins. “I try to cultivate the art of indifference, not in a sense of coldness, but the things that a few years ago I thought important now do not seem so to me, we are all going to die and that is the blackest and funniest joke.”

At 83, Hopkins Is The Oldest To Win The Oscar For Best Male Lead.  Photo Bf Argentina

At 83, Hopkins is the oldest to win the Oscar for finest male lead. Photograph BF Argentina

The daddy it’s the debut of the French author and playwright Florian Zeller. His nice discovery is that he locations the viewer within the thoughts of the affected person, makes him expertise his confusion, his anger, his concern.


The daddy it additionally gained a second Oscar, for finest tailored screenplay (Florian Zeller is the writer of the unique play, and the libretto was written with Christopher Hampton). And he or she had 4 different nominations: film, supporting actress, for Olivia Colman, enhancing and manufacturing design.

Hopkins remembers that when he learn the script he felt one thing much like what occurred to him The silence of the inocents. He knew immediately that he needed to. “I met with Florian and said yes, but I had pending the filming of The two Popes (along with Jonathan Pryce and the direction of Fernando Meirelles) and I was really worried that they wouldn’t wait for me, but they did, “he says.

&Quot;I Met With Florian And Said Yes, But I Had The Filming Of 'The Two Papas', I Was Worried That They Would Not Wait For Me ...&Quot;.  Photo Bf

“I met with Florian and said yes, but I had the filming of ‘The Two Papas’, I was worried that they would not wait for me …”. Photograph BF

Within the case of Hannibal Lecter, Hopkins remembers that when he started to learn the script, he requested his agent if the deal was already closed. “He said no and I didn’t want to read any more until I knew, because he was the best character I could have ever dreamed of.”

He says that to maintain his mind energetic he performs the piano, paints or memorizes poems by Dylan Thomas, however relating to speaking about his deserves as an actor or uncovering the secrets and techniques of a number of the most legendary scenes of his profession, he insists on subtracting significance.

“Acting does not require being a genius or a great intellectual effort, there will be people who are interested in making it look like that, but no,” he defends.

With Jodie Foster, On The Set Of &Quot;The Silence Of The Innocents&Quot;.  Photo Clarín Archive

With Jodie Foster, on the set of “The Silence of the Innocents”. Photograph Clarín Archive

“In The silence of the inocents, Jodie came with a coffee in hand, we would stare at each other through a glass wall and we would drop the text. It is done. We still meet sometimes to eat together and talk about how much fun this way of making a living is. “

In response to Zeller, Hopkins is an instinctive actor. “I’m just old”, replies the interpreter, “I have been active for many years so I know some tricks; the Stanislavski method is wonderful and I practiced it when I was young, but now it is more common sense than anything else”.

“When you reach 83, I don’t know if you’re smarter or stupider, but you certainly don’t waste time thinking too much about yourself,” he provides. “When it comes to acting, I just do it and that’s it, and with an actress by my side like Olivia, a wonderful director and a good script like this one, that’s the most important thing,” he provides in reference to The daddy.

Hopkins Was Not At The Oscar &Quot;Ceremonies.&Quot;  He Then Recorded A Video Remembering Candidate Chadwick Boseman.  Afp Photo

Hopkins was not on the Oscar “ceremonies.” He then recorded a video remembering candidate Chadwick Boseman. AFP picture

Nevertheless, at one other level within the interview he confesses that once they had been filming, between takes, he would stand in entrance of a mirror and repeat to himself: “This is just a game, OK? I don’t suffer from dementia, I’m acting, I’m acting” .

“You have to be careful with the message that you transfer to your subconscious because you can believe it,” he explains. “I remind my brain of things, when it tells me that my memory is failing or that I am getting older, I say no, that I am still young and strong, and the brain believes it, it really works.”

This Image Released By Sony Pictures Classics Shows Olivia Colman, Left, And Anthony Hopkins In A Scene From &Quot;The Father.&Quot;  (Sean Gleason / Sony Pictures Classics Via Ap)

This picture launched by Sony Footage Classics exhibits Olivia Colman, left, and Anthony Hopkins in a scene from “The Father.” (Sean Gleason / Sony Footage Classics through AP)

Nor does he apply wanting again an excessive amount of. “My past seems like a dream to me, I feel like I can’t be responsible for anything, I don’t know why I became an actor, I don’t remember, I tend to think that everything has been a solipsism, that my parents never existed, they are only memories” .

His father died greater than 40 years in the past from coronary heart illness. “He was in the hospital and I knew he was dying, that he was not going to leave, but suddenly you see yourself making strange promises; I told him that when he got out I would take him on a car trip from New York to Los Angeles and a few days later I went to see him and he was sitting there with a road map of the United States, so happy. “

“It is painful when you know that they are dying, but I suppose the only thing you can do is reassure them and let them know that you are there,” he says. His mom handed away years later. “My wife Stella was with her and to reassure her she told her that when she got to the other side she would meet her husband again. My mother, who was not very religious, answered her: ‘Will it be very expensive?’ He had a great sense of humor at the end. “

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