“Levitates” in the full schedule of Roger Gonzalez “Venga la Alegria” (video)

In this May 3 broadcast, the morning host stunned the audience by “floating”.

Mexico.- Roger Gonzalez This morning was astonished, because the operator of “Venga la Alegria” Tony Kamo, Spanish psychologist, “flew into the air” Leverage Which was telecast live.

Did it really fly?

Cmm Was invited in the morning. Taking advantage of their participation in the show Performed a trick based on hypnosis And mentality. To carry out his work, he was assisted by several hosts of the program, who worked together They will leverage Roger.

Gonzalez once sat in a chair, surrounded by cinema, Pato, Annette and Brandon; Tony como He started focusing on everyone’s energy. To do this, he asks everyone to put their hands on Roger’s head. Then they asked him to remove the chair and saw, The driver took to the air Surprised everyone.

In social networks, he commented a lot on this view, and the reality is that The driver got up But it was not imagined as much, but it was picked up by his peers.

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