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Leticia Huijara: The AMACC, ready to fight towards the Ariel

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Despite the financial obstacles derived from the pandemic and the multiple budget cuts to the national film sector, the Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinematography (AMACC) maintains efforts to make possible the delivery of the Ariel Award.

As a sign of their work and perseverance, the AMACC announced its nominees for the 64th editionin order to recognize the best of national and Ibero-American cinematography that the public saw during 2021, being Fire night the film with the most mentions.

“We are in a complex place and of course it is not easy for us, but the truth is, until reality tells me otherwise, I want to think that we are going to achieve it with the support of partners and strategic allies from other places,” he commented. Leticia Huijara in interview with MILLENNIUM.

“I hope that we can overcome this situation and that we can see each other at a party. We are hit by the pandemic, clearly that’s the way it is, we had to stop and now we have to resume all the work in the best way, “added the president of the Film Academy.

Ariel Awards 2022: They are the nominees for the award

The Huijara administration knows nothing but a winding road due to lack of resources, five years ago the Academy faced a cut of more than 70 percent and since then it has been challenge after challenge to deliver the Ariel award and keep the institution afloat.

“I can tell you that we walk, it is complicated, but we do it and the next step is Meeting of Nominees and then we will have Heading to Ariel, We are going step by step, we don’t want to delude ourselves that the Ariel ceremony will happen one way or another,” he said.

“If there is one thing that is clear to us, it is that these years have left us uncertain, we do not know what we can expect, but we want to reconnect with the media, generate information about the films, return to the cinema with our cinema, we work to make it happen,” he added.

So, after two years of virtuality, AMACC awaits a face-to-face edition of its awards, which has an agreed date of October 11; At the same time, the academy gives continuity to the projects that have emerged from the confinement, such as film cycles and talks.

“We want to continue the cycle Voices and themes of Mexican cinema, and we are already preparing the next cycle that will be six talks with five films each, the new cycle called One Mexico all Mexicos”, explained the president of the AMACC.

“The intention is to exhibit films shot in regions where they are not traditionally filmed, it is a project that opens space for film creators with online events; the cycle of Voices it ends in two more sessions and the new one would start next year”, added the also actress.

The award

After its success at festivals such as Cannes, where it received a special mention in the section a certain look and to represent Mexico on the road to Oscar nominations, Fire night It is the most nominated film (in 19 categories) for Ariel.

“When I see that it has so many nominations, it makes me happy, because it responds to what the film proposes. Many of the nominees had commercial runs or were in class A festivals, despite the pandemic, very high quality cinema was producedHuijara said.

“Our cinema has been everywhere, the films had the opportunity to be seen in theaters, even with the restrictions or they reached platforms streamingwe have a very good selection this year”, he said.

Inspired by Jennifer Clement’s Ladydi…

“My cinema moves entrails”: Tatiana Huezo

At the time, Tatiana Huezo, director of Noche de fuego, commented that with her films “she always seeks to find the soul of the stories, complex characters, real women, with chiaroscuro; I think my cinema will always be about stories that move my insides”.

It takes as its starting point the first part of the novel Ladydi by Jennifer Clement.


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