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Leticia Calderon will just take her kids to pay a visit to Juan Collado when they give her permission to enter

Leticia Calderon exposed that she is eager to consider his sons, Luciano and Carlo, to visit his father, Juan Collado, who remains imprisoned in the North Jail of Mexico Town for alleged dollars laundering and structured criminal offense on the other hand, he shared that she is not permitted to enterOh does not know the motives.

They will not likely allow me in, they say that there is no authorization for me to enter.. I do not know (why), it will be a jail factor, but exclusively I can’t enter, so I have to consider them the very first time”, He commented in a conference with the press, which was picked up by Berenice Ortíz.

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Leticia Calderon She pointed out that she has been completely caring for her little ones all through her lifetime, so she considers that the initially time they go to her father in prison she need to be present to help them, as she stated that it can be a complex situation for young people today.

Leticia Calderon announces the death of her father from covid-19 (@letycaldero79)

Leticia Calderon announces the dying of her father from covid-19 (@letycaldero79)

“I have taken care of my little ones, 17 and 18 decades previous, emotionally and in all senses, so as a mom I have a great accountability to be existing the very first time, You know that it could be a pretty uncomfortable situation, really difficult emotionally for my kids.”

The actress stated that she does not approach to “allow her small children adrift” when they reunite with their father: “there is no a person who can tuck them in at that moment”.

He added that Luciano and Carlo have expressed their wishes to see Juan Collado. While, she clarified that they do manage get in touch with with him by way of cellphone calls.

“They have suddenly spoken with him, Juan is the 1 who communicates, but we have no way of speaking (…) My youngsters obviously inform me: ‘Mom, I want to go see him,’ he informed them, I also want them to go see him. see, heyor I have performed almost everything feasible, I am drained of asking me to just take the kids and that their young children want to go, hug your father and be with him, meet him, thank him, eat with him.

Could Yadhira Carrillo be involved?

When questioned if she believed that Yadhira Carrillo could be involved in not enabling her to enter, the actress replied: “I have not the slightest plan, I are not able to accuse any one. I am just stating what I know: that I am not permitted to come in, then I are not able to consider my kids.

Leticia Calderón stressed that at minimum the first time she has to accompany her small children on the visit to their father.

I hope you understand it and whoever doesn’t understand it, perfectly with sorrow. I am the mother and I have experienced the accountability of these tiny types considering the fact that they ended up babiesI have been 100 per cent responsible, so let’s say suitable now these are my guidelines and all for the emotional reward of my small children, their balance“.


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