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‘Lessons for scoundrels’: everything you need to know about Joaquín Cosío’s new film

the mexican director Gustavo Moheno portrays two things “endemic” to Mexico in his comedy Lessons for Scoundrels, a swindler and an absent father, embodied in the same character: Dirty Barryplayed by the first actor Joaquin Cosio.

In the film, currently on billboard in Mexico, Barry believes that he can continue living off his tricks and without knowing anything about his daughter, until Jenny arrives at his door, who, after the death of her mother, tries to reestablish the bond with that man until now unknown to her.

Joaquín Cosío reveals that ‘Hell’ is his favorite movie

This film arises from the affection and admiration that I have for swindler films.Moheno said in a recent phone interview from Mexico City. “A film about swindlers that, moreover, for better or worse, suits Mexico very well, because in this country they definitely abound… there are swindlers, there are tricks and there is a lot of corruption, despite all the daily efforts we make to get rid of that stigma.

Moheno wrote the film together with co-producer Angel Polished. They did not write to Barry with Cosío specifically in mind, but they knew that the actor from films like Hell, the suicide squad Y Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verselike series like The Strain Y Narcos: Mexico, he could be a scoundrel the size of Barry without losing the grace and empathy that keep Jenny from running away once she starts to learn his tricks.

“In the end, it was a great blessing to have Joaquín, because in addition to being a great actor, he is someone who has extraordinary charisma, which is the charisma that great stars have.”, highlighted Mohen. “Guys like Joaquín can embody villains who can be very charismatic and that you end up loving despite the villainy they do.”

Jenny, played by Danae Reynaud (Club Sandwich, Lady Ranch), wants to be a lawyer like her deceased mother, but to try to win Barry’s heart she agrees to be his accomplice, after all she has genes from both of her parents.

“I think she’s one of the best young actresses we have right now,” Moheno said. “For me it was very important to have an actress that you could believe as the daughter of Joaquín Cosío and that he could also give him a reply, because Cosío is someone who can suddenly steal the screen, so you need to have actors or actresses who are as strong as him and Danae has that strength.

But Jenny and Barry are not alone, by the time they meet again, Barry is in a passionate relationship with Marisela. The Marichulaan attractive and cunning woman, played by Diana Bovio (Mirreyes vs. Godinez, Cindy la Regia), who is faithful to Barry because he helped her through a difficult time and is her right hand for scams.

“It was another great gift for the film because she is another great actress who also has a tremendous talent for comedy and can also express a certain malice, a malice that was very important to the character of Marisela,” Moheno explained about Bovio.

The movie was shot in 2019. They were in post-production when the pandemic started and the project was put on hold for a year. Locals appear on the scene, such as the emblematic Café Trevi in ​​the center of Mexico City, which closed during that period and in it a ruthless fight between Barry and a mobster who wants to collect his debts takes place. The fight takes place at the rhythm of Love love of Jose Jose.

It’s not an action movie, it’s ultimately a comedy.”Mohen noted. “It’s a song that I’m very fond of because it was one of my mom’s favorites.”

The director also included the song in the film because for him it represents how two approaches to the world face each other. For Barry the most important thing is money, for Jenny it is love, despite the fact that her father was absent for years.. Moheno has addressed this theme of absent fathers in some of his previous films, such as Eddie Reynolds and the Steel Angels Y Even the wind is afraid.

“It is a recurring theme in everything I do, I do not do it consciously, but it has been pointed out to me,” he said. “Here it is already flat out to touch it and fully enter the subject. I also come from a home with divorced parents, so I guess it has something to do with why this topic touches me a lot… It’s definitely something that happens a lot, which is also something endemic to Mexicans, unfortunately, I It seems like a very rich and interesting topic.”.


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