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Leslie Grace, star of ‘Batgirl’, reacts to the cancellation of the film: “Thank you for believing in me”

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The fans of DC Universe were taken aback by the news that Warner Bros. canceled batgirla film about the popular superheroine that was going to be released on the streaming platform HBOMax.

In this tape, Leslie Grace was going to give life to the character of Barbara Gordondaughter of James Gordon, and the American actress herself reacted to such an unfortunate event through a message on your Instagram account.

‘Batgirl’ was cancelled; tape was already in post-production months after its premiere

“Dear family! Following the recent news about our film, Batgirl, I want to say that I’m proud of all the love and hard work from our tireless cast and crew during these 7 months in Scotland,” he wrote.

“I feel blessed to have worked with great people and to have built lifelong relationships in the process! To all the fans of batgirl: thank you for the love and for believing in me; they let me take the cloak and, as Babs says, become my own hero. ¡batgirl forever!Grace added.

why was it canceled batgirl?

The decision was highly unusual for a film with such a high profile and budget, but the studio ultimately decided that batgirl it did not deserve to debut neither in streaming nor in cinemas, and instead opted to completely scrap the movie starring the star of In the Heights, Leslie Grace.

Under the leadership of the new CEO, David Zaslav, Warner is changing the strategy in movie releases and cutting costs. Under previous CEO Jason Kilar, and partly in response to the pandemic, the studio implemented simultaneous releases across multiple platforms in 2021, releasing films in theaters and HBO Max.

Yes ok batgirl not that expensive ($90 million) like many superhero films, which generally cost between 150 and 200 million dollars, is a bigger budget movie for an HBO Max title.

Zaslav has argued that bigger budget films benefit more from a theatrical release. However, marketing a film as batgirl for that kind of launch it would require tens of millions of dollars more.

cancellation of batgirl comes as the studio attempts to revamp its DC Films operations. Yes ok batman Performing well earlier this year, grossing $770.8 million at the box office, Warner’s DC releases have been erratic and plagued by controversy.

Warner hopes to reorganize and reset his DC portfolio, making it bigger, not smaller with rival Marvel. As a last resort, batgirl It didn’t fit those plans.


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