Home Entertainment Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and a 16-minute impromptu scene

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and a 16-minute impromptu scene

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and a 16-minute impromptu scene

Leonardo DiCaprio with part of the cast of Don’t look up they spent two days improvising a scene no less than 16 minutes long. Later, director Adam McKay had to cut it for the film’s theatrical release.

The filmmaker, known for works of political humor such as The big bet or The Vice President: Beyond Power, often encourages his actors to improvise during filming. But that’s a time-consuming process when the scene in question involves three Oscar winners and one of today’s most beloved comedians.

A super cast

Jonah Hill, Dicaprio, Meryl Streep And Jennifer Lawrence Head The Cast.  Netflix Photo

Jonah Hill, DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence head the cast. Netflix photo

Is that in Don’t look up A super cast was assembled: in addition to DiCaprio, there are Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalamet, Tyler Perry, Mark Rylance, Ron Perlman, Cate Blanchett and Chris Evans.

How was the scene

The film tells the story of two astronomers (Lawrence and DiCaprio) who discover that a meteorite is going to hit the Earth and destroy it. To try to avoid it, they will undertake a huge media tour with the aim of raising awareness about what awaits humanity.

The scene in question is set in the Oval Office of the White House. Streep is president, DiCaprio and Lawrence are astronomers, Hill is a government official, and Morgan is a NASA executive.

“That group of people could not have been happier to be in that false Oval Office, doing that scene,” McKay told the specialized media Deadline. “Laughing, improvising. They were almost a little intimidated by Meryl Streep, because she is arguably the best movie actress ever.”

Leo Is An Astronomer And Meryl, The President Of The United States.  Netflix Photo

Leo is an astronomer and Meryl, the president of the United States. Netflix photo

“But we discovered that he is a delight, he has a great, generous laugh, that he can improvise all day. Jonah Hill is one of the great film improvisers, and that was inspiring for Jen and Leo to pull off lines, and Rob Morgan as well. “

Filming secrets

McKay continued, “We shot that scene over two days and the first cut was 16 minutes long and I never got tired of watching it. The problem was, you can’t make a 16 minute long scene, where basically nothing happens, start a movie ”.

“Hank Corwin is one of the great film editors, and he turned it into a Fred Astaire dance piece. I showed people the first cut, those 16 minutes starring the best actors, edited by one of the big editors and they all felt they could have watched it for another five minutes, but we had to cut it down for the final cut. “

DiCaprio’s word

Dicaprio And His Opinion On Improvising On Set.  Netflix Photo

DiCaprio and his opinion on improvising on set. Netflix photo

DiCaprio loved the opportunity to improvise on set, something that doesn’t always happen to him in his movies. “Adam gave us an interesting opportunity to try anything,” said the actor.

“And so from the beginning, Jen and I really developed our characters on camera. It was done with a lot of improvisation. There were a lot of different actors who came in and were given free rein to delve into their characters. It was amazing working alongside so much talent.” .

Release date

The film will open in Argentine theaters on December 9. From December 24 it will be available on Netflix and it is already emerging as a firm candidate to win an Oscar in early 2022.


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