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León Gieco turns 70 and will have his celebration at the CCK accompanied by a selection of artists

León Gieco turns 70 and will have his celebration at the CCK accompanied by a selection of artists

Next Saturday, November 20, León Gieco turns 70, and the CCK will be the central stage of a celebration that will bring together artists such as Víctor Heredia, Ricardo Mollo, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Teresa Parodi, Raúl Porchetto, Javier Malosetti and Ligia Piro, among many others, at the concert. Leon Complies, in the National Auditorium.

Just a month after the celebration of the 70s of Charly García, the main room of the Cultural Center will witness the recognition of one of the great figures of Argentine popular music, creator of one of the greatest anthems of the national repertoire and essential chronicler of the last five decades of our history.

Lisandro Aristimuño, Eruca Sativa, Los Tipitos, Andrés Giménez, Liliana Vitale, Bruno Arias, Mavi Díaz, Barbarita Palacios, Nadia Larcher, Andrés Beeuwsaert, BB Asul, Nico Bereciartua, Luis Gurevich, Diego Smolovich, Joana Gieco, Gustavo Santaolalla and Abel Pintos are other artists who will honor León on the anniversary of his birth, together with a band led by Lito Vitale.

León Gieco Has Published More Than 40 Albums, Over 50 Years Of Experience.  Photo Laura Domínguez

León Gieco has published more than 40 albums, over 50 years of experience. Photo Laura Domínguez

With special transmission

From 6:00 p.m., there will be a radio broadcast on Radio Nacional and its 49 stations from all over the country, Nacional Rock and Nacional Folklórica; and by streaming through the Cont.ar platform, the YouTube of Public TV, and YouTube and the website of the Télam agency. It will also be seen on the Facebook and YouTube channels of the Kirchner Cultural Center, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Media and Public Communication.

In this preview, prominent figures from the public media will present exclusive material and there will be guest artists on the floor. Later, at 20, the recital will begin, which can be followed live on Public TV and public channels throughout the country.

A life ruled by commitment

Born in the Santa Fe town of Cañada Rosquín, León has recorded more than forty discs, has an autobiographical book, Chronicle of a Dream, written together with the journalist Oscar Finkelstein and carried out emblematic conceptual projects such as From Ushuaia to La Quiaca and Wings World.

Among the most outstanding recognitions he has received throughout his career are the five statuettes of the Gardel Awards for his latest studio album The landing; the Gardel Lifetime Achievement Award; the Gardel Solidario Award for the Memory Project Amia.

In addition, in 2018 he was distinguished with the White Handkerchief of the Grandmothers Association of Plaza de Mayo. He also received Honoris Causa distinctions from different universities in the country and was the first artist to receive the Manuel López Blanco Prize awarded by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of La Plata for his career and social performance.

Víctor Heredia, One Of The Artists Who Will Be At The Celebration With León On Saturday, Like So Many Other Times.  Photo Daniel Caceres

Víctor Heredia, one of the artists who will be at the celebration with León on Saturday, like so many other times. Photo DANIEL CACERES

A repertoire of great songs

From his first album, released in 1973, which includes classics like All the white horses, The land of freedom, Iron men and Let’s all be horsesFrom now on, Gieco’s career was framed in his permanent commitment to the defense of Human Rights and his vocation to give testimony of a reality that counted as few.

With The memory As a mandate and guide, and a series of non-negotiable ideals, León punctuated his extensive repertoire with timeless songs such as If you see my father, The man and the swallows, Think of nothing, The hill of life, Be careful with the Orozco, A little understanding, River and sea, Five centuries the same, Heart seeds and The angel of the bicycle, among many more.

Of course out of series appears I only ask God, the song that almost fell out of the album’s track list 7 years and it ended up becoming a universal hymn that was translated into most of the languages ​​spoken in the world.

The Classic Image Of The Santa Fe Troubadour, At Lollapalooza 2017. Photo: Fernando La Orden

The classic image of the Santa Fe troubadour, at Lollapalooza 2017. Photo: Fernando la Orden

Mercedes Sosa used to say that if a León Gieco did not exist, it would have to be invented. Fortunately, the man saved us the first part, so instead of inventing it the best we can do is celebrate.

How to get tickets

For that, You will have to manage the corresponding entry, free of charge, on the CCK website, from this Wednesday, November 17 at 12. All the people who attend must be previously registered (including minors, who in all cases must enter in the company of an adult). Tickets cannot be reserved on the spot.

Each reservation corresponds to a single entry; with your ID, each user can make up to two reservations per activity, one for himself and one for a companion, and up to two hours before the opening hours of the Cultural Center, according to the availability visible in the system.

Once the form is completed, an email will be sent that serves as confirmation of the entry. When the quota for the activity is full, the option to complete the form will be disabled.

León Gieco And Charly García, A Society That Comes From The Early '70S.  Photo Cáceres

León Gieco and Charly García, a society that comes from the early ’70s. Photo Cáceres

The public must appear one hour before the start of the activity. Upon entering the establishment, the DNI, reservation record (in print or digital form through the cell phone) and current affidavit of health (through online form, App CuidAR or equivalent system) must be exhibited.

Any attendant who has a temperature equal to or greater than 37.5 ° C at the time of the control will not be allowed access. The use of face masks and respect for hygiene, safety and distancing rules that will be indicated by the staff of the place, according to current sanitary protocols will be mandatory.

For inquiries about tickets and income, write to: [email protected]


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