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LEKFit founder Lauren Kleban reveals why celebrities love her results-driven workouts

If you’ve ever been curious about how Kate Mara, Busy Phillips, Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer, Julia Garner, and other stars stay in tip-top shape, lakefit Founder Lauren Kleban has the answers.

LEKFit opened its first studio in 2016 when “the elite fitness regime and bikini body ready was the norm,” according to Kleban, and since its founding, their motto has always been the same.

“We believe workouts should be equally fun and effective. Physical fitness is an opportunity to celebrate our body’s ability to walk rather than punish it,” she tells ET.

As for its distinctive technique, the workout guru says, “LEKFit is a strategically curated fitness method, using intervals of low-impact, high-intensity, fat-burning cardio along with muscle-sculpting techniques for the whole body.” Designed to work. Strengthen and tone.”

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“We have seven concepts, offered seven days a week both online and in the studio. Each class is different, while maintaining the same muscle focus for seven days. Because of our strategic planning of each day’s workout Customers never get bored and never plateau,” she clarified.

Why A-listers keep flocking to her classes: “We provide a quality workout that’s unmatched and never leaves a client feeling like they need to do more. … sweat session, you’re good to go on with your day versus some celebs who have to go from Pilates or yoga to bootcamp or spinning.”

And the results speak for themselves. “Our clients find themselves with more energy, leaner muscle mass, better posture, better cardiovascular health, lymphatic drainage and happier spirits,” shares the fitness expert.

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If you can’t make it to class, don’t sweat it, Lakefit Digital Can be streamed at any time for $34.99/month or $349.99/year.

“My philosophy is about doing what you can, when you can, which is why I’ve created the 5 and 10 Minute Workout and the Chill and Jetset Workout that you can do outside, by the pool or at your hotel on vacation. … we all live in a world that is busy, changing, and working doesn’t look the same for everyone. … We strive to eliminate rigid schedules that lead to Plateaus can lead to boredom, irritation and bruising,” Kleban notes.

Her ultimate advice for staying motivated through your fitness journey: “Find something you can love and stick to it. Safe and lasting results won’t happen overnight. We do it because we’re our healthiest self.” deserve to live as.”

LEKFit’s studio is located at 346 S. La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036, with class packages starting at $160 or monthly packages starting at $900/month.

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