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learning to pose for OnlyFans

Very rare, OnlyFans grows in the sun of the media. Contrary to the usual idea with which any topic related to sexuality is approached, it is as if an excellent positioning campaign made the platform less linked to genitality than to the economic crisis.

Admirable: in order of importance, there is something that is above sex, and OnlyFans achieved this, the only topic absent from taboos in the always winding paths of exhibitionism.

Its almost amateur ritual makes the phenomenon so strange that it is even related to a Netflix of adult content. On a television channel we see a very good report, “The hot changa”. From there you face a world of burning fruit that serves as approach sociological: crisis kills modesty.

Stories are told of women who, with the loss of their jobs, also lost some notion about the prejudice. It is as if they were narrating a degrading Argentina, where nobody does what they really want. Then? So OnlyFans is given to the people as a source of income where the body must be the merchandise.

Malena, an example of the crisis: "I was very worried because I didn

Malena, an example of the crisis: “I was very worried because I didn’t have enough money and a friend suggested I try OnlyFans.”

The fact that the platform has been the product of the deformities that technology brought with it in the pandemic – read distance as true leitmotif– It even ennobles the task of a housewife in distress who has to take off her clothes to go grocery shopping.

We listen to opinions and there is talk of a “somewhat exaggerated” selfie. Of “nothing that cannot be seen daily on Instagram”. You hear about women who quintupled their income posing for his subscribers and even opportune feminist jokers sneak in like the groped empowerment.

You have to stand up, you have to have guts”, say some of the women who chose OnlyFans. One of them, for example, tells us that bills 200 thousand pesos per month.

A kind of trainer

Mariel Bas: "OnlyFans is not an extra and obviously there are demands for prostitution."

Mariel Bas: “OnlyFans is not an extra and obviously there are demands for prostitution.”

The virtual prodigy is expanding and Mariel Bas became a kind of trainer, community manager for people looking to monetize their image on platforms and sites like that.

OnlyFans is a new and more profitable capitalist way which I had experienced. Although I did not work stripper in a nightclub or at private parties, I know how to do a nude: long before OnlyFans I have been dealing with selling videos with erotic content and doing virtual burlesque shows, all within a context very different from that of a nightclub for the public.

-What do you do exactly?

-I teach other women to discover their own sensuality. I teach sensualityor that at least the erotic content that you want to show can generate more fantasy, which is what is ultimately demanded: I mean something sensual, something not so raw.

Some degree of protection

Mariel is trained in dance and knows a lot about pole dancing. He assures that this knowledge collaborates “to be able to instruct in disciplines related to the striptease”.

He smiles when he realizes that these activities also found an unexpected boom as a sporting activity: the pole dancing increases your strength and flexibility, in addition to toning the body helping you lose fat. In short, it improves your self-esteem.

“No, no,” he clarifies bluntly, OnlyFans is not an extra and obviously there are demands for prostitution. In fact, there are sex workers using the platform (…) Another thing that I was also able to corroborate is that virtuality generates a certain degree of protection and certain control of the person who creates content.”

“Conversing with photographers and filmmakers, who are hired many times to record the videos that are uploaded to these pages, I noticed that the tolerance of the model is greater because who responds to the demand is the alter ego of the person himself. Creating a character, in a way, equates to protection.”


“Although it is known that influencers, athletes and celebrities say that with these apps They have bought a car or even traveled often, I highly doubt it. Reality is something else. There is extra income, yes, but it is not to such a dimension, or it is when the person is famous, something that does not happen with a commercial employee or an ordinary housewife.

Mariel is a pioneer. Photos of her were seen in the precursor Bad Girls. “I earned little” because the sale of each set had to be 50% for the page and the remaining 50%, divided between the photographer and the model on duty. If you ask him how he would define OnlyFans, he answers: it is the authorized answer to sexual content that Instagram can censor.

Tips for posing

-“You have to ask likes to the photos so those who want to subscribe to your channel will realize the massive liking of your OnlyFans”.

"There are fetishes for all tastes -adds the Batgirl plan specialist-, it is an interesting niche to explore".

“There are fetishes for all tastes -adds the Batgirl plan specialist-, it is an interesting niche to explore”.

– “There are fetishes for all tastes. It is an interesting niche to explore. They asked me to pose as a jogger and a diver because they don’t know if there’s anything below.”

– “No need to be offended, you have to be open to fantasy. They are the rules when one agrees to expose oneself on a bodily level.”

-“If they ask you for erotic lingerie and if you don’t have it, let the subscriber pay for it”.

-“We must know how to generate expectation”.

-“Many consumers are in the details: if you can see my navel, sometimes it is much better than a frontal nude”.

nothing is naive

According to Mariel, those who generate material must be connected for a long time and constantly upload and update the images so as not to lose the feedback. “In the erotic, nothing is naive and demands work. What generates the most interest on Instagram are the reelsso a 15-second video promoting a strip can make money.”

Everything revolves around the word “fantasy”. The virtual makes it even more exaggerated and at the same time easier. “That’s the catch”Mariel maintains. “It reminds me of the places that in the early years of the 20th century had a stripper doing a peep-show. There was very little to be seen for a coin. The more you paid, the more you could see. A subscription would be something similar, but through a cell phone”.

-Why not watch porn for free?

-”Although it is true that there is a wide free offer of pornography, the fantasy generated by a particular person is the key to hooking. For example, a celebrity or an ordinary girl biology student who has her social profiles pristine… That draws a lot of attention.”

-In your experience did you go through uncomfortable moments?

-Those who bought me photos, absolutely all of them, asked me for meetings. Upon receiving the negative answer, they stopped buying material from me.

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