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Lean Rimes teams up with Mickey Guyton, Sheila E for powerful new ballad: ‘It’s a fight to unite women’

LeAnn Rimes is making a statement. The artist enlisted the talents of Grammy-nominated country singer Mickey Guyton and famed percussionist Sheila E. for their powerful and powerful new ballad, “The Wild”.

“The song is about the patriarchal world that has shaped us as a society, especially women,” Rimes says in a statement. “Silence and fracture ourselves to fit into the beautiful and submissive social box across generations. It’s time for women to unite to reclaim every part of our true nature and to be now our wild, our ‘profane’ Doesn’t allow. Ignored, shamed and rejected.

“It’s full of anger,” she continues. “The kind of anger that calls us home. The anger that ignites change and says, ‘I’ve always been here, waiting for you to return to perfection.'”

The haunting track, written and produced by Rimes with his longtime collaborator, Darrell Brown, is featured on Rimes’ upcoming full-length, God’s work, The album is set for release on 16 September.

“My new album completely looks at life, the duality of light and dark, and I believe this is most evident in ‘Wild,'” says Rimes.

For YesOdie’s workRimes made the conscious decision to stylize the album with an all-lowercase album title and track listing, explaining, “If we’re debating whether or not the ‘g’ is capitalized, we can’t stand the whole point. It’s so important for us to focus on the messages rather than the specifics.”

‘The Wild’ is the fifth song to be released from Rimes’ upcoming album. Earlier this year, the 39-year-old shared a swoon-worthy video for her song “Heart a Heart Can Hold” sharing personal moments from her marriage to Eddie Cibrian and beyond.

The scene, which was released on April 22 in honor of the couple’s 11th wedding anniversary, begins with a slideshow of sweet black-and-white images from Rimes and Cibrian’s big day, and some of the couple’s most treasured memories. continues to flash through the past decade-plus. The touching tribute ends with the pair walking hand-in-hand as Rimes’ melodious voice stops in the background.

“Last year on our 10th anniversary, I posted a short excerpt from a song I wrote for Eddie on his wedding day. I’d never shared it before and the response to ‘Heart a Heart Can Hold’ was overwhelming ,” Rimes said. At that time E.T. “I couldn’t fulfill the requests from my dear fans asking for the full track.”

“While we were finalizing our new record, God’s work“I decided to go back to the studio and add it to the track list at the last minute,” she explains. “Although I wrote this song for Eddie for my wedding, it seems that the sentiment is totally on this album. Fits with. After 11 years of being just ours ‘Dil Kitna Patch Sakta Hai’, the heavy rain of love convinced us it was time to share it with the world, to give other people an opportunity to be a part of something of it. His most memorable, tender moments too.”

God’s work Ziggy Marley, Aloe Black, Ben Harper, Ledisi, and more are set to feature notable musicians. Fans can pre-order the album Here,

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