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Lea Michele Says ‘Spring Awakening’ Doctor Reunion Started With a Group Lesson (Exclusive)

It all started with a text! Lea Michele spoke to ET’s Lauren Zima at the Tony Awards Sunday night about what it took to get the gang back for the documentary, Vasant Jagran: Those You Know,

“And it all started – we were on a group lesson together, and we’ve been at it for many years,” Michelle began. “And one of our cast, Lauren [Pritchard]Said, ‘We should all reunite and get back together,’ and now here we are, in Tony.”

She continued, “It’s just wild, here, all of us, together. We managed to bring the entire original cast together. We managed to overcome the odds of COVID and everything and reconnect and come together.” Stay tuned. And we are very honored to be back.”

The production, which first premiered Off-Broadway in 2006, has gained a sort of cult following, launching the careers of Mitchell, John Gallagher Jr., and Jonathan Groff on the carpet before the 75th annual awards show. Michelle joined in.

When asked what the trio would tell their young children about the show’s success, Groff told ET that he would ask them to “take it.”

“I’ll tell them to take it,” Groff said. “And you know what, we took it back, we really did. Because a lot of the adults in the theater community and Michael Meyer, our director, they were grounding us a lot and at the moment, but if I do this Had to experience it all again, I’ll take it again.”

Michelle and Gallagher agreed, modern love The actor said he would enjoy the moments that the cast and crew had “pre-iPhone”.

Jonathan Gallagher Jr., Lea Michele, Jon Groff
Cindy Ord / Getty Images for Tony Award Productions

“Enjoy the time before the iPhone. We didn’t have any iPhones,” Gallagher said. “There was no checking our phones, we just watched the show and experienced it in real time. I miss it. Simple times.”

Not only have the cast kept in touch over the past 16 years, but they’ve also remained friends, something attested to in their HBO doc — which debuted on the streamer last month.

“That’s the documentary, called Vasant Jagran: Those You Know He’s on HBO tells the story of the show, but it also tells our story—of the night we slept outside the theater together for John’s final performance, how Tony really saved our show and made it a hit. made. And so, it’s really personal to be back here today to celebrate 15 years later.”

The group, who are joining their OG cast for a revival performance at the 75th Annual Awards Show, said while the performance is sure to be emotional, it’s also going to be fun.

“I had a lovely glass of champagne with Lauren Pritchard before the carpet. We’re also mothers. Our sons were born that same month. Sometimes, it’s just about getting ready, but then relaxing, Taking a deep breath and being like, ‘Let’s just have fun.'”

Lasting more than four hours from coast to coast, the 75th Annual Tony Awards will begin at 7 p.m. ET/4pm PT. one hour special On Paramount+, The Tony Awards: Act One was hosted by Darren Criss and Julianne Hough. will be after annual ceremony Honoring the Best of Broadway, which airs on CBS and Paramount+ at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

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