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Lawsuit dismissed over Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ cover

A California judge dismissed a lawsuit for child pornography presented by the baby-turned-adult who appears naked on the cover of Nirvana’s legendary 1991 album, never mind.

According to a court document dated Friday, Judge Fernando Olguín, of Los Angeles, rejected the lawsuit for estimating, among other things, that the eventual crime had prescribed.

The day Nirvana played in Tijuana, this was their only concert in Mexico

At the end of August 2021, a month before the 30th anniversary of the album’s release, spencer eldennow thirty years old, filed a first complaint, which was rejected for other reasons, and a second in January 2022. Elden said he was a victim of “commercial exploitation of images of child pornography”.

Photographed in 1991 at the age of four months, spencer elden appears naked in a swimming pool on the cover of never mindstaring at a dollar bill hanging on a hook.

With legendary titles like Smells Like Teen Spiritthe album sold more than 30 million copies, becoming a rock reference.

The plaintiff, who said that he never received financial compensation for the photo and assured that his parents had not authorized the use of his image in that way, claimed 150 thousand dollars (about 3 million pesos) in damages to each of the 15 people he denounced.

Among the defendants are former members of Nirvana, the executor of Kurt Cobain Courtney Love and the photographer Kirk Weddle.

In their response to the complaint, defense attorneys argued that “Elden has spent three decades basking in his fame as the self-proclaimed ‘Nirvana baby’.”

“He’s retaken the photo for money many times; he’s had the album title ‘Nevermind’ tattooed across his chest (…), autographed copies of the album cover to sell on eBay, and used that link to try to flirt with women,” they said.


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