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Laverne Cox was mistaken for Beyoncé at the US Open, and here’s how she reacted

Actress Laverne Cox (Orange is the new Black, Inventing Anna) wasn’t mistaken for any other star than Beyoncé when she attended the US Open. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Mattel launches first transgender Barbie inspired by Laverne CoxBeyoncé changes the lyrics of a song on her new album because it’s offensive

And it so happens that Cox became trending on social media after a user shared a picture of her with a mask, hair tied back and big earrings. “Beyoncé at the Us Open,” wrote the user, confusing her. Fans of Daytime Emmy-winner Cox joked that she “cheated” them after she aired the Queen fragrance “Queen B.”

Here’s how Laverne Cox reacted after being mistaken for Beyoncé at the US Open. Realizing it had gone viral, Cox commented on the situation with her signature humor. “I was mistaken for Beyoncé at the US Open and trending on Twitter tonight as the internet laughs at the mistaken identity. Those tweets are funny as hell,” Cox commented on social media. According to a publication shared by Laverne herself, she came to support Serena Williams. Serena Williams: Tennis farewell moment And this is the final US Open for Williams, who recently announced her retirement and said she had to choose between “building a tennis resume and building my family,” so she made the decision yourself for the last.

As he announced, Serena is expecting another baby. Here we leave you the video that went viral and in which remains the recording of the confusion at the USTA’s Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. Check out this post on Instagram. A post shared by Laverne Cox (@lavernecox) Coincidentally, Laverne shared a video of herself getting ready for the event, using one of Beyoncé’s new songs “Pure/Honey” in the background.

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