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Laverne Cox, 49, rocks black lingerie and dances on Taylor Swift in new video

Laverne Cox, 49, rocks black lingerie and dances on Taylor Swift in new video

I bet you are thinking of Laverne Cox after seeing his latest Instagram video. The “OITNB” star donned some sexy lingerie and messaged all of her exes – and really everyone with the pulse.

“I bet you think of me” Laverne Cox captioned the short Instagram clip she posted on Tuesday (November 16). In the video, the star of the next one Invent Anna mini-series posed in Gucci fine lingerie with her back pointed towards the camera. Laverne, 49, glanced shyly over his shoulder while pointing to the wares, like “I bet you think of me,” one of Vault’s tracks on Taylor Swiftis new Red (Taylor version). It looks like Laverne, 49, decided to post a thirst trap in the song’s spirit and send a similar message to anyone who could have wronged him.

Or, it could have been a reminder that his fans are thinking about the Orange is the new black star permanently. “Yes ma’am” commented TS Madison, while Nicole scherzinger left a flame and heart-to-eye emoji. Paul Margolin, a New York-based fashion executive who is no stranger to thirst traps himself, has left behind a series of fiery emojis. The next American top model Star J. Alexander became cheeky with their response. “Bout…! Bout ..! It’s @lavernecox who gives and serves…!” Fans filled the rest of the comments section with flames, hearts, kissing emojis, and other comments about how Laverne was a “queen.”

Laverne lit up her Instagram in mid-October with another sexy video. Despite the middle of fall, Laverne felt the urge to take a dip in an outdoor pool. Not only was it a thirst trap or an endorsement of the wig she received DDPro (a “concierge space where glam is created, security is asserted” and where members of the trans community “have access to a production team and a studio that supports their creative endeavors,” according to She). Laverne’s message also contained a positive message. “The love of yourself. Radiate the positive energy that you want to come back to you. # I understood the #TransIsBeautiful mission. “

Laverne Cox, 49, Rocks Black Lingerie And Dances On Taylor Swift In New Video - Light Home News
Laverne Cox at the “Charlie’s Angels” premiere. (Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

“I think the main problem is that our humanity is respected,” Laverne said, speaking with HollywoodLife on US states enacting legislation prohibiting minors from receiving gender-affirming medical treatment. “Once we can accept that trans people are who we say we are and that our humanity needs to be respected, then I think all the policies that we see being adopted in my country, the United States, that affect young people trans we will no longer pass laws like that.

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