Home Entertainment Laureno Brizuela and Benny start a collaboration

Laureno Brizuela and Benny start a collaboration

Laureno Brizuela and Benny start a collaboration

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .- Although there is a gap of more than two decades between Loreno Brizuela and Beni Ibarra, the things that unite them can be seen with the naked eye: both of them found success in the 1980s. was. – Benny with Timbirich and Loreno with his pop rock – both profess a love for San Miguel de Allende and Argentine food, and their joint plans include partnering to open a restaurant in Mexico City.

It’s all proof that the friendship between the two is real, a relationship that’s been growing for more than 40 years and for which their single “That Everything’s Going to Be Alright” naturally arose, acclaim. Record labeling is a product of it and not because of it.

“We have come from the same generation. We are united by a love for rock, it is evident in our careers the desire to create communication and entertainment tools, we are faithful to our essence”, highlighted Benny.

The similar essence that exists between the two artists means that both of them have not only set a goal to please their followers, but to gain popularity with this song.