Home Entertainment Laura Zapata hits Harry Style; criticizes and questions its attractiveness

Laura Zapata hits Harry Style; criticizes and questions its attractiveness

Laura Zapata arremete contra Harry Style

The actress criticized the singer for wearing clothes and assured her that she “had to be sick” to be attracted to a man like him.

MEXICO CITY – Laura Zapata unleashed the anger of hundreds of fans of the singer Harry Styles after criticize a photo Posted by the former One Direction member.

Thalía’s sister has also been criticized and even branded as macho, intolerant and an anti-LGBT woman for attacking the British decision to wear clothes.

Laura Zapata criticizes Harry Style

The also recognized soap opera villain then unleashed anger and attacks against her respond to a survey on twitter over Harry Styles physical attractiveness. In this publication a photography of styles in which it looks a blue dress and slippers, put on makeup and uses a picnic basket.

It should be noted that the photo is one of those he shared last Halloween dressed as “Dorothy,” the protagonist of The Wizard of Oz.

To the surprise of internet users, Laura Zapata decided to answer assures that she would have to be “sick” if she would like it.

“How awful! I should be sick! -Feel attraction-” wrote Laura Zapata.

The controversial comment immediately provoked reactions against him. Similarly, fans and internet users branded them as intolerant, rude, macho and even a person who opposes LGBT rights. Some resorted to comparing her to her sister Thalía and pointing out that she had talent.

Laura Zapata replies to messages from “sick and aggressive” fans

Laura Zapata decided to respond to criticism and comments against it. On Twitter, she replied to several users who had attacked her. However, it caused controversy that she reacted just as aggressively as the fans of the singer.

Your deed too politics It resulted in him becoming the person most hated by internet users for a few hours.

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