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Laura Zapata denied an interview to Gustavo Adolfo Infante; this is how the driver exploded against him

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Laura Zapata refused to interview Gustavo Adolfo Infante (Photo: Instagram @laurazapataoficial @gainfante)
Laura Zapata refused to interview Gustavo Adolfo Infante (Photo: Instagram @laurazapataoficial @gainfante)

Laura Zapata lashed out Gustavo Adolfo Infante In an indirect way, because during a meeting with the media, the soap opera villain decided to deny the driver an interview for the treatment of the information he has given to his statements in the past.

It was while passing through the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) where the actress of melodramas like The usurper, poor little rich girl either Maria mercedes stopped to answer some reporters, but the moment of tension was experienced when a correspondent of the program First hand wanted to ask him something andThe famous one limited himself to telling him that he would not comment for the show conducted by Infante.

What program are you from? Of Gustavo Adolfo Infante? Forgive me but I’m not going to answer your”, Laura Zapata began to say.

In this sense, the artist delved into the fact that it was not something personal with the journalist and kindly explained to her the reasons why she was not willing to give content for the evening of Image Television.

“You are a queen, I love you, but I am not going to answer you because they distort my words. I’m not going to answer the program of a person who has nothing to do with my life, forgive me, it’s not you, it’s for the program you work for, “he said.

Given these statements, during the most recent broadcast First hand, Infante responded and stressed that he agreed that Laura had the right not to respond.

“Okay, the lady can answer for whoever she wants, the information is for everyone, but just look, she says: ‘did you study’?’ what does studying have to do with a university career that Laura (Zapata) is fighting with the world about. Among them when her mother died and with all her sisters. then andor I do not understand the relationship of the study with the refusal of this lady“, he pointed.

In this sense, Infante pointed out that from that moment he would no longer make any more comments regarding Thalía’s sister and stressed that he was an older person.

“I promise not to talk about Mrs. Laura Zapata anymore, neither good nor bad because look, I had a grandmother, youI have older aunts, I have an older mother so she is an elderly person and you have to respect her. She was a great actress thirty or forty years ago who appeared in villain soap operas, so I respect if you do not want to give an interview for this program, we respect your decision, “he said.

It should be noted that the friction between Laura Zapata and Gustavo Adolfo is not something new, even in recent days the show host urged Thalía to help the artist financially, since He branded her as already an older adult.

“Thalía, yes, give her some money. Mrs Laura Zapata is an elderly lady, she is a grandmother that about 30 or 40 years ago she appeared in evil soap operas, a very good actress, but she does not have much work, “the famous began to say.

Likewise, Infante did not rule out that the singer of I don’t remember, wrong Y You did not teach me He supported his grandmother while she was still alive, but he remembered that Zapata is currently going through difficult times in his financial situation.

“Then, yes, it would be good if you informed her… I know that you paid all of your grandmother’s nursing home, but if there were some expenses of Mrs. Eve Mange now that he passed away and Laura Zapata She doesn’t have a job and she’s a grown-up lady, you should help her,” she said.


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