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Laura Zapata defends herself after accusing Mexicans of ‘eggs’ (VIDEO)

  • The Mexican actress defends herself after receiving harsh criticism
  • AMLO responds to Laura Zapata, does he agree with her?
  • The telenovela villain clears up misunderstandings

Laura Zapata defends herself. The controversial Mexican actress Laura Zapata, was harshly criticized a few days ago after, in the middle of an interview with Carlos Alazraki, the actress described Mexicans as “eggheads”. And in fact, she even made President Andrés Manuel López Obrador respond to her.

This expression that the telenovela villain used made millions of Mexicans furious for her harsh frankness. The actress has been receiving hundreds of comments against her, so she decided to go to the TikTok account to defend herself against her and clarify her words. Let’s see what she said!

The soap opera villain defends herself

Laura Zapata defends herself

The protagonist of different Mexican novels ran to her tik tok account After receiving hundreds of contemptuous comments for his controversial statements on behalf of Mexicans, he declared that the expression ‘huevones’ was not directed at all Mexicans in general.

“I want to clarify that the expression of idiots was not for all Mexicans. It was easy to see who was wearing the jacket; those who do not produce, those who are the bases of Morena, those who receive money in exchange for votes and commit this electoral fraud, ”the 66-year-old actress began. Filed Under: Laura Zapata defends herself

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