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Laura Zapata attacks Yolanda Andrade again: “A crazy woman”

After Yolanda Andrade He assured that he had a frequent coexistence with Thalía’s mother and responded to the accusations of Laura Zapata, the singer’s sister He reacted to what the Unicable host said.

In a meeting with several reporters, which was taken up by First handZapata first said: “I loved the interview I did with Mara Patricia Castañeda, watch it, because Mara Patricia says something that I have been saying and they have denied me. She says: ‘Your mom takes great care of Thalía.’ And I say: Yes, she took care of her. He told me: Yes, once I found them, your mother went to pull her out of a place where she was with this character (Yolanda)’. So, let them be well informed because if they don’t they’ll look ridiculous.”

Laura Zapata confesses that she warned Thalía about Yolanda Andrade and her family: “I hold her responsible if something happens to me”

Then she launched herself against the journalists who constantly question her or give Yolanda a voice: “Aren’t you ashamed to eat false testimonies? Aren’t you ashamed to put that on your children’s table? How cheeky, what sour bread! There is nothing like the truth. And getting on the waves to appear or be there, the boomerang comes back and cuts off your head”.

Likewise, Laura attacked Yolanda Andrade and her family again: “The information that the public has brought out, that they also do not say that I took it out, I have been surprised this week with all the news that they have taken from the that person’s family, extremely dangerous”.

That is why I hold her responsible again if something happens to me or any of my belongings.“, said.

Lastly, he commented: “How scary, imagine that a crazy woman comes out and says things that are not real”.

Yolanda Andrade, her position before what was said by Laura Zapata

In the program First handGustavo Adolfo Infante presented an audio with the Yolanda’s response to what Zapata said. “This lady is already getting what she said,” said the host of the Motse and Joe program at the beginning of the message.

Then, he spoke directly to Laura: “You are no longer being responsible, Laura Zapata, for what you said about the Mexicans; You said that we are idiots, then you repented and wanted to make a clarification with which you were worse off, as always, and as always you put your sister Thalía.

“What does Thalia have to do with the things you say? You’re old enough now to take responsibility, Mrs. Laura Zapata, for what you say. And what does the issue of my friendship with Thalía have to do with it? That’s another matter, she always puts Thalía in, “she questioned.


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